SET 5.5: Dawn of Heroes

MissFortune Portrait MissFortune 3
Cannoneer NEW

Every 5th Cannoneer attack is replaced with a cannon shot that deals a percent of that attack's damage in an explosion around the target as physical damage.

Gwen Portrait Gwen 5
Inanimate NEW

At the start of combat, Inanimate champions summon Harrowing Mist in all adjacent hexes surrounding them for 8 seconds, granting all allies within 33% damage reduction while they remain within the mist.

Akshan Portrait Akshan 5
Sentinel NEW

At start of combat, the Sentinel with the most items (ties broken by highest Attack Speed) gains a shield that grants stacking Attack Speed. When it is destroyed or expires, it will bounce to the ally with the lowest percent Health and renew. The Attack Speed bonus persists between shield bounces.