Name Odds Description
icon Normal Galaxy 10% 10% This is a normal galaxy.
icon Trade Sector 10% 10% Players get one free reroll in each round.
icon Superdense 10% 10% Receive a free Force of Nature after the stage 3 carousel.
icon Treasure Trove 10% 10% Every minion and monster in the game drops a loot orb.
icon Galactic Armory 10% 10% All players start with the same 3 component items.
icon Plunder Planet 10% 10% All champions have a chance to drop a coin on death, especially the first few.
icon Salvage World 10% 10% When you sell a champion, any completed items they were holding are broken down into their components.
icon Manatee’s Delight 10% 10% All players receive a spatula at the start of the game.
icon The Big Bang 20% 20% Players receive a free reroll each round, a Force of Nature when Stage 3 begins, and loot orbs from all minions and Monsters. (NEW 10.18)
icon Lilac Nebula - The first carousel contains only four cost units. (Removed in Patch 10.12)
icon Medium Legends - Little Legends are larger and you have +25 starting health. (Removed in Patch 10.13)
icon Little Littler Legends - - Everyone starts with 85 health instead of 100. (Removed in Patch 10.14)
icon The Neekoverse - - Everyone gets two free copies of Neeko’s Help. (Removed in Patch 10.15)
icon Star Cluster - - All Tier 1/2/3 champions on carousels have 2 stars. (Removed in Patch 10.16)
icon Binary Star - - Champions can only hold two items. (Removed in Patch 10.17)
icon Dwarf Planet - - The first and last row of every board is disabled. (Removed in Patch 10.18)