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  • Emotes: Knuckle Sandwich, This Changes Everything, Why Tho, and Grind Emotes
  • Booms to celebrate your victories (1st tier unlocks on purchase): Chemtech Surprise, Arcana Coil, Missile Party, Hextech Hypersurge
  • Star Shards to star-up your favorite Little Legends
  • LL Eggs
  • Arenas: Sky High Station, Chemtech Plaza, Shisha’s Study
  • Dr. Shisa and Arcane Sprite
  • Our newest Tacticians are bite-sized versions of their League of Legends counterparts, with all the team-fighting talent and portal-making power of Little Legends. Making their debut on the Convergence first: Chibi Ekko, Chibi Jinx, and Chibi Vi! They come with their own unique boom and playful animations. Pick em up for 1900RP.
  • In need of repairs? Well, Duckbill can certainly try. Either way, you'll get your cute fix! Duckbill is so optimistic, they invented the Hopecopter 3000, just to keep their hopes high. But as you’ll see from their emotes, sometimes it all crashes down. Oh, and did I mention Duckbill’s part of a band? But before we get into their musical talent, check out their variants below: Honeybuzz, Delivery Rush, Pajama Party, Sugarcone, Zaunite, Piltover, and Goodest!
  • I’m honestly still head banging to the Gloop Boop. What’s that, you ask? Well, remember when I mentioned that Duckbill was part of a band—of course you do, that was just a couple sentences ago! Well, Gloop and Duckbill are in the same band, but there’s one other member you’ll meet in a second. First, check out the Gloop variants below: Honeybuzz, Fireborn, Pop Groove, Sugarcone, Pizza Time, Hextech, and Arcade!
  • I can’t understand how Piximander plays flowers like instruments. Sounds about as complicated as their skin care routine, which I hear costs an arm and a leg. But don’t worry—they regenerate. Check out their variants below: Honeybuzz, Shimmering, Rio, Hextech, Chemtech, Spotted, and Fruity Tooty!
  • Remember, the pursuit of knowledge demands you ax-o-lotl questions. And hopefully those questions are about the new Arenas, cause that’s up next! But not before I play spoiler on the most futuristic music collab to hit the Convergence!
  • Gizmos & Gadgets brings us two interactive arenas, available in bundles and on their own for 1380 RP.
  • Gizmos & Gadgets Pass+ Bundle
  • Gizmos & Gadgets Sisters Bundle
  • Gizmos & Gadgets Megabundle
RANKED - Ranked Rewards
  • Reckoning Ranked rewards will be given out on patch 11.23 (that’s next patch).
  • Players who reached Gold or higher at any point in Reckoning will receive Victorious Nixie!
  • Players who managed to reach Gold or higher in both halves of the set will receive the Reckoning-themed Triumphant Nixie as well! Nicely done.
  • Competitive play in Hyper Roll is also rewarded! Emotes for Blue, Purple, and Hyper players will drop alongside other rewards in patch 11.23.
RANKED - New Ranked Season
  • Players will no longer be demoted in rank for tiers Iron to Master.
  • Players will still be demoted in divisions, eg. Platinum I to Platinum II
  • Grandmaster and Challenger will still allow for demotion
  • When Gizmos & Gadgets goes live in your region, you’ll be able to start climbing the ladder in this set's first ranked stage.
  • Everyone will start G&G in Iron II.
  • You will get 5 provisional matches after the reset, meaning you will not lose any LP for sub-top 4 placements in your first 5 ranked games of the new stage. You’ll also gain extra LP for finishing top 4, so best of luck!
  • Your Hyper rating will be reset to 500.
  • Coming next patch (11.23) is TFT’s first cooperative mode, Double Up, where you can send units and items to your partner's board, and hop over to help out if they’re struggling. Our most talented writer has an article explaining everything you need to know to get started on Double Up!
  • Mold your strategy around the three Hextech Augments chosen during the following stages: 1-4, 3-3, 4-5.Your Augments will appear on your Hexcore, visible to all players.
  • There are three tiers of Augments, ranging from least powerful to most powerful. Some Augments are unique to one tier, while others have multiple versions across different power tiers.
  • All players get access to Augments of equal power at the same time, although the specific Augments offered may vary.
  • There are a lot of Augments to get excited about, so read the Augmented Strategies section for some examples.
  • Augments will be adjusted for Hyper Roll and Double Up!
SYSTEMS - Loot Orbs
  • Slightly reduced the drop rate of Neeko’s Help from Blue and Gold Orbs
SYSTEMS - Item Changes
  • Archangel’s Staff REWORKED: During combat, the holder gains 25 Ability Power every 4 seconds.
  • Banshee’s Claw REWORKED: When combat begins, the holder and all allies within 1 hex in the same row gain a shield that blocks the damage and effects of the first enemy ability, up to 600 damage.
  • Banshee’s Claw: Stacking Banshee’s Claw will increase the damage it blocks but won’t increase the number of shields.
  • Bramble Vest NEW: Now grants 80 Armor (including components).
  • Bramble Vest AOE Damage: 80/100/150 ⇒ 60/80/120
  • Deathblade REWORKED: Now grants 50/75/100 bonus Attack Damage (including components)
  • Dragon’s Claw: Fireball cooldown: 1 ⇒ 0.5 seconds
  • Dragon’s Claw: Fireball max Health percentage damage: 30% ⇒ 18%
  • Giant Slayer bonus damage Health Threshold: 1600 ⇒ 1800
  • Hand of Justice Bonus AP/AD or Omnivamp: 35 ⇒ 30
  • Hextech Gunblade: No longer grants a shield for overhealing
  • Hextech Gunblade NEW: Now additionally heals the lowest health ally
  • Jeweled Gauntlet NEW: Now additionally grants 10 AP
  • Jeweled Gauntlet bonus critical strike damage: 40% ⇒ 30%
  • Quicksilver NEW: Now additionally grants 20% Attack Speed
  • Rapid Firecannon total Attack Speed: 40% ⇒ 50%
  • Runaan’s Hurricane NEW: Now additionally grants +10 AD
  • Runaan’s Hurricane REMOVED: No longer triggers on-hit effects
  • Statikk Shiv NEW: Now additionally grants 15% Attack Speed
HYPER ROLL - Gizmos & Gadgets Hyper Roll Adjustments
  • The Radiant Item Armory has been removed.
  • The Augment Armory will now appear at the following rounds: 3-1, 5-2, 7-2
  • Some Augments will be disabled in Hyper Roll for gameplay fluidity and balance purposes.
HYPER ROLL - Hype Level Adjustments
  • Tactician movement speed decreased from 200% to 175%.
HYPER ROLL - Item Armory Timings
  • Expect the component Armory to appear at the following stages: 3-2, 4-2 ,6-2
  • Expect the completed item Armory to appear at the following stages: 8-2, 9-2
HYPER ROLL - Item Armory Adjustments
  • Component Armory: 70% chance of 3 components.
  • Component Armory: 20% chance of 3 components + Neeko’s Help or Loaded Dice
  • Component Armory: 10% chance of 3 components + 1 Golden Spatula.
  • Completed Item Armory: 75% chance of 4 items (1 offensive, 1 defensive, 1 utility, 1 random)
  • Completed Item Armory: 15% chance of 3 items (1 offensive, 1 defensive, 1 utility) + 1 tailored emblem.
  • Completed Item Armory: 10% chance of 2 items (2 random) + 2 tailored emblems.
HYPER ROLL - Economy Adjustments
  • Starting Gold: 8 ⇒2
  • 1-1: +0 ⇒+0
  • 1-2: +0 ⇒+0
  • 2-1: +2 ⇒+4
  • 3-1: +3 ⇒+8 (Minimum gold by 3-1 is now 14 instead of 13).
  • 3-1: +3 ⇒+2
  • 4-1: +4 ⇒+6
  • 4-2: +4 ⇒+3
  • 5-1: +5 ⇒+7
  • 5-2: +5 ⇒+4
  • 6-1: +6 ⇒+12
  • 6-2: +6 ⇒+5
  • 6-3: +6 ⇒+5
  • 7-1: +8 ⇒+16
  • 7-2: +8 ⇒+8
  • 7-3: +8 ⇒+8
  • 8-1: +9 ⇒+17
  • 8-2 (and subsequent rounds): +9 ⇒+9
HYPER ROLL - Round Time Adjustments
  • Reduced the planning phase for no-Armory combats from 30 to 25 seconds.
  • Added 5 seconds to the first round of each stage starting at 3-1.
  • Added 10 seconds to 8-1 to better support late-game roll downs.
HYPER ROLL - Hyper Roll Gameplay Adjustments
  • Yordles: The Yordle (3) trait gives two bonus Yordles while standard TFT gives one.
  • Mercenaries: The luck of your Mercenary dice is based on your Tactician’s remaining health rather than the length of your loss streak. The lower your health, the better the dice.
  • Tahm Kench gains twice as many stats from eating units.
  • We made it! We’re thrilled to see how you all tinker and theorycraft your way to 1st place (every game)! We’ve been hard at work creating our most inventive set to date, but expect frequent balance changes in the early days of Gizmos & Gadgets. Stay up to date with all the changes by circling back to the most recent patch notes, or our socials. We hope you have a blast with TFT: Gizmos & Gadgets, and we’ll be seeing you on the Convergence!