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TFT Set 8: Monsters Attack!

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* Data on this page was provided by Riot Games. When updating the PBE server, some contents may be different.

New Traits - Origins

A.D.M.I.N programs a custom configuration per player each game.
(2) [Initialize ADMIN cause and effect]
(4) [Add another effect to the program]
(6) Boost previous tier by 100%
Anima Squad
Anima Squad
Anima Squad members build fame for scoring champion kills. When they pause to celebrate a kill, they permanently gain 6 maximum Health per point of fame. Fame immediately benefits the whole Anima Squad.

Anima Squad also gains:
(3) 10% Attack Damage and 10 Ability Power
(5) 35% Attack Damage and 35 Ability Power
(7) 60% Attack Damage and 60 Ability Power
(1) When deploying the Arsenal champion, players may choose which weapon he will equip.
If there is a Civilian alive, your team is inspired to protect them by gaining Mana every 2 seconds.
(1) +2 Mana
(2) +4 Mana
(3) +10 Mana
Each round, Gadgeteens create random modified weapon with powerful effects that fall apart after one round. Gadgeteen also gain Damage Reduction for each item equipped to them.
(3) Create 1 item, 3% per item.
(5) Create 2 item, 10% per item.
When a LaserCorp agent attacks or is hit by an attack, their combat drone deal magic damage to the agent's target (0.4 second cooldown). When a LaserCorps agent dies, their drone is reassigned to the nearest living agent.

Drones lasers deal:
(3) 25 magic damage.
(5) 45 magic damage.
(7) 80 magic damage
(9) 99 magic damage, and each agent gets a 2nd drone.
Mecha: PRIME
Mecha: PRIME
Use the Mecha selector item to choose a PRIME.

Combat start: the PRIME combines with the 2 nearest Mecha, absorbing 100% of their Health.
(3) The PRIME gains 60 Ability Power and 60% Attack Damage
(5) All Mechas gain 55 Ability Power and 55% Attack Damage; The PRIME gains double this amount.
Ox Force
Ox Force
Ox Force units gain a range of Attack Speed that ramps as they lose Health. Once per combat, when they would drop below one health, they instead go to one health and become immune to damage for 1 seconds.
(2) 15% - 30% Attack Speed.
(4) 40% - 80% Attack Speed.
(6) 75% - 150% Attack Speed.
(8) 150% - 300% Attack Speed.
Star Guardian
Star Guardian
Gain more Mana from all sources.
(3) 40% additional mana
(5) 70% additional mana
(7) 120% additional mana
(9) 200% additional mana
(3) Combat start: strike a pose that grants your team 18% bonus damage, which increases by 3% for every 3-star champion on your team.
(1) Threats do not have a Trait bonus, but instead have powerful Abilities and increased base stats.
The Underground must sneak through the sewers and crack 10 locks to open a vault. When the vault opens, you may choose to take the loot now, or attempt another heist for even better rewards.
(3) Crack 2 vault lock after a player combat win, and 3 after a player combat loss
(4) Crack 2 vault lock after a player combat win, and 4 after a player combat loss
(5) Crack 3 vault lock after a player combat win, and 5 after a player combat loss
(6) Crack 4 vault lock after a player combat win, and 7 after a player combat loss

New Traits - Classes

This trait is active only when you have exactly 1 or 4 unique Aces.
(1) Execute enemies under 15% Health
(4) Execute enemies under 30% Health
Your team gains bonus Magic Resist, and Aegis units gain more.
(2) +20 Magic Resist, +40 for Aegis
(3) +40 Magic Resist, +80 for Aegis
(4) +60 Magic Resist, +120 for Aegis
(5) +90 Magic Resist, +180 for Aegis
Brawlers gain additional maximum Health.
(2) +20% maximum Health
(4) +45% maximum Health
(6) +75% maximum Health
(8) +110% maximum Health
(1) Combat starts: Lie dormant while absorbing the souls of allies that die. Gain 40 Ability Power for each soul.

Once per combat at 60% Health (or when your team has died), come alive and fight.
Innate: Taunt nearby enemies after the start of combat.

Your team gains bonus Armor, and Defenders gain more.

Taunt: enemies that are able and in range must attack the taunter
(2) +30 Armor, +60 for Defenders
(4) +80 Armor, +150 for Defenders
(6) +200 Armor, +250 for Defenders
Innate: increased movement speed.

Duelists' basic attacks grant bonus Attack Speed, up to 12 stacks.
(2) +5% Attack Speed per stack
(4) +9% Attack Speed per stack
(6) +15% Attack Speed per stack
(8) +24% Attack Speed per stack
At the start of combat, Forecaster champions grant adjacent allies different buffs depending on the current weather, which changes every game.

Sunny Weather:
Combat start: Grant a 400/600/4000 Health shield to adjacent allies for 10/10/45 seconds.

Windy Weather:
Combat start: grant bonus Attack Damage and Ability Power to adjacent allies, increasing by 15/25/150% every 5 seconds.

Rainy Weather:
At the start of combat, Forecaster champions grant adjacent allies 20 / 40 / 100 mana until they have cast 1/1/100 spells.
(1) ??? (Randomly selected per game)
Hackers gain Omnivamp and summon a H4ckerr!m. Any unit placed in the rider hex will be sent to the enemy backline and is untargetable for the first 2 seconds of combat.

Omnivamp: heal for a percentage of damage dealt
(2) 15% Omnivamp
(3) 40% Omnivamp
(4) 70% Omnivamp
When Heart units cast their Ability, your team gains stacking Ability Power for the rest of combat.
(2) +4 Ability Power
(4) +7 Ability Power
(6) +10 Ability Power
Your team heals a percentage of their maximum Health every 2 seconds, and Mascots heal double the amount.

When Mascots die, they retreat to the sidelines to cheer on your team. Your team's healing increased by 1% for each cheering Mascot.
(2) 1.5% healing
(4) 3% healing
(6) 6% healing
(8) 10% healing
(2) Once per combat at 50% Health, spawn a target dummy, move to a safe location, and restore 350 Health.
(3) And, Prankster dummies stun the enemy that killed them for 1.5 seconds.
Innate: Gain 2 hex Attack Range.

If there is an enemy nearby, Recon units will dash to safety before casting their Ability.
(2) +20% Crit Chance
(3) +75% Crit Chance
(4) +100% Crit Chance and Recon Abilities can critically strike
Renegade units deal bonus damage, and the last sone standing deals more.
(3) 35% bonus damage, 20% for last alive
(6) 60% bonus damage, 40% for last alive
Every 5 seconds, the next attack instead fires a magic orb at a random target, which explodes for 50% Ability Power as magic damage.
(2) +25 Ability Power
(4) +60 Ability Power
(6) +95 Ability Power
(8) +140 Ability Power, Orb Damage 150%
Combat start: gain bonus Attack Damage now, and every 4 seconds.
(2) +6% Attack Damage
(4) +16% Attack Damage
See all SET 8 Traits list

Tier 1 - Champions

Ashe 1
Ranger's Focus

Ashe gains Attack Damage for the next 5 seconds.

Percent Of Attack Damage : 40%
Damage : 12 / 18 / 25
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Blitzcrank 1
Static Defenses

Blitzcrank creates an empowered field around himself, reducing all damage taken by for 4 seconds.

Damage Reduction : 55% / 60% / 65%
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Galio 1
Outta My Way!

Galio dashes toward the nearest enemy, dealing magic damage. He then grants himself and the closest ally Health shield for 4 seconds.

Damage : 160 / 240 / 360
Shield Amount : 200 / 250 / 325
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Gangplank 1
Trial by Fire

Gangplank then fires a flaming bullet at his target. It deals magic damage and Wounds the enemy for 8 seconds.

Wound: reduces healing received by 33%

Damage : 210 / 315 / 475
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Kayle 1
Starfire Spellblade

Kayle's next 3 attacks deal physical damage to her target, and magic damage to enemies within 1 hex of the target.

% Attack Damage : 155%
Damage : 25 / 35 / 50
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Lulu 1

Lulu fires a magic bolt at her target, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and to other enemies behind.

Damage : 270 / 405 / 605
Secondary Damage : 120 / 180 / 270
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Lux 1
Lucent Singularity

Lux sends out a singularity to random enemy. When it detonates, it reduces the target's Attack Damage by 40% for 4 seconds, and deals to nearby enemies.

Damage : 200 / 300 / 450
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Nasus 1

Nasus slams his staff on his target dealing physical damage and Chilling them for 3 seconds.

Chill: reduce Attack Speed by 40%

Bonus Damage : 60 / 90 / 135
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Poppy 1
Buckler Toss

Poppy throws her buckler at the farthest enemy, dealing % of her Armor as magic damage. The buckler then bounces back. granting Poppy a shield that blocks damage for 3 seconds.

Percent of Armor as Damage : 175% / 250% / 375%
Shield Amount : 250/ 300 / 375
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Renekton 1

Renekton empowers himself for 8 seconds, gaining maximun Health, and causing his attacks to deal 6% of his maximum Health as bonus magic damage.

Health Increase : 200 / 250 / 300
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Sylas 1
Battle Blast

Sylas whirls his chains around him, healing himself for health and dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

% Health as Damage : 10% / 12% / 18%
Heal : 150 / 170 / 190
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Talon 1
OX-ian Diplomacy

Talon jumps to the furthest unit from the center of the board and stabs them magic damage. If this kills them, Talon heals.

Damage : 170 / 250 / 370
Heal : 100 / 200 / 250
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Wukong 1
Stone Skin

Wukong spins his staff around him, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. He gains Armor and Magic Resist for each enemy hit for 3 seconds.

Damage : 140 / 210 / 315
Armor and Magic Resist : 60 / 70 / 80
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Tier 2 - Champions

Annie 2
Burst Shield

Annie blasts a cone of fire, dealing magic damage to enemies in front of her, then creates a Health shield on herself for 4 seconds.

Damage : 140 / 210 / 325
Shield Amount : 300 / 350 / 425
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Camille 2
Tactical Sweep

Camille sweeps with her leg, dealing physical damage and Disarming enemies hit for a few seconds.

Disarm: target cannot move or attack

Percent of Attack Damage : 210% / 210% / 210%
Bonus Damage : 60 / 75 / 100
Disarm Duration : 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.75
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Draven 2
Whirling Death

Draven hurls 2 massive axes at his target's direction, which reverse on the way back to him. Enemies caught in their path take physical damage, reduced by 25% for each enemy they have already passed through.

Damage : 60 / 95 / 145
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Ezreal 2

Ezreal fires an orb of physical sabotage at his target, Chilling them for 4 seconds. Then he fires another shot, which deals magic damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Chill: reduce Attack Speed

Attack Speed Reduction : 30 / 40 / 55
Damage : 230 / 345 / 535
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Fiora 2
En Garde!

Fiora lunges at her enemy, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit. For the next 8 seconds, she takes 20% less damage and her attacks restore Health.

Percent of Attack Damage : 250% / 250% / 260%
Heal : 30 / 40 / 50
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Jinx 2

Jinx fires a rocket at her target that explodes on impact, damaging all nearby enemies for magic damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

Stun: cannot move, attack, or cast Abilities

Damage : 225 / 335 / 525
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Lee Sin 2

Lee Sin dashes towards a nearby ally, shielding them and himself for 4 seconds. He then dashes back and deals physical damage to his target.

If there are no nearby allies, he gains more health shield instead.

Shield Amount : 180 / 220 / 270
Percent Of Attack Damage : 275% / 275% / 280%
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Malphite 2
Ground Slam

Malphite slams the ground, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and granting himself Armor for 4 seconds.

Damage : 150 / 225 / 350
Armor : 100 / 125 / 150
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Rell 2
Iron Bond

Rell forms a tether between herself and her lowest percent Health ally, dealing magic damage to all enemies between herself and her bound ally. She also grants herself and her bound ally % of Rell's current Armor and Magic Resist for 4 seconds.

% Armor and Magic Resisit : 50 / 60 / 70
Damage : 140 / 210 / 325
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Sivir 2
Pizza Delivery

Sivir throws her pizza at her target, dealing physical damage. It then splits into slices and gets delivered to the nearest allies, healing them.

Allies Healed : 3 / 3 / 3
Healing : 80 / 100 / 125
Percent Of Attack Damage : 400% / 400% / 410%
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Vi 2
Blast Shield

Vi grants herself a Health shield for 4 seconds and Sunders nearby enemies for 4 seconds. Then she deals dealing physical damage to nearby enemies.

Sunder: reduce Armor

Shield Amount : 270 / 330 / 400
Armor Reduction % : 50% / 50% / 50%
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Yasuo 2
Steel Tempest

Yasuo fires a whirlwind at his target dealing magic damage and knocking up units hit for a few seconds. If the current position isn't ideal, he will dash up to 1 hex to find more units in a line.

Magic Damage : 210 / 315 / 485
Duration : 1.5 / 1.5 / 1.5
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Yuumi 2
Prowling Projectile

Yuumi fires a curved missile at the furthest target in her attack range, dealing magic damage to the first unit hit.

Damage : 230 / 345 / 535
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Tier 3 - Champions

Alistar 3

Alistar slams the ground underneath his target, dealing magic damage and knocking them up for 1.5 seconds. He then roars, healing himself and the lowest health ally champion for 20% of his maximum health.

Damage : 140 / 210 / 350
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Cho'Gath 3
Cosmic Bellow

Passive: +75 Magic Resist

Active: Cho'gath breathes a cosmic beam in a forward arc that deals magic damage and Mana Reaves the target.

Mana Reave: increase maximum Mana util the next cast

Magic Resist Bonus : 75 / 100 / 150
Magic Resist Ratio : 150% / 190% / 240%
Mana Cost Increase : 35% / 35% / 50%
Bonus Damage : 70 / 105 / 165
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Jax 3
Adaptive Strike

Passive: Jax leaps to his target and deals bonus magic damage every 3rd attack. The bonus damage increases every third attack up to 7 times.

Base Damage : 80 / 125 / 210
Stacking Damage : 20 / 30 / 50
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Kai'Sa 3

Passive: Kai'Sa's attacks apply Plasma. Her next attack against a target with 2 stacks of Plasma deal magic damage.

Active: Kai'Sa gains Attack Speed for 10 seconds. This bonus stacks!

Attack Speed % : 45% / 45% / 45%
Damage : 150 / 225 / 370
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LeBlanc 3
Sigil of Malice

Leblanc fires sigils at her target each dealing magic damage. If the target dies, she completes casting the remaining sigils at the nearest enemy but adds 1 more sigil.

Damage : 75 / 110 / 135
Number of Sigils : 6 / 6 / 8
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Nilah 3

Nilah whirls her whip-blade. dealing magic damage to nearby enemies while healing herself and allies health over 1 seconds. She finishes with a burst that deals magic damage.

Heal : 235 / 270 / 330
Damage : 90 / 135 / 225
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Rammus 3
Sand Slam

Passive: +50 Armor

Active: Rammus powers himself up and leaps to the largest group of nearby enemies, dealing magic damage, knocking them up for 1.25 seconds, and reducing their Attack Damage by 40% for 4 seconds.

Armor : 60 / 90 / 150
Armor Ratio : 150% / 175% / 205%
Bonus Damage : 30 / 50 / 80
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Riven 3
Bunny Blade

Riven gains a Health shield for 4 seconds and empowers her next 3 attacks with bonus magic damage. If Riven has more Health than than her target, she deals 100% more bonus magic damage.

Shield Amount : 325 / 400 / 500
Damage : 90 / 135 / 225
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Senna 3
Piercing Darkness

Senna fires a laser beam in the direction of a nearby enemy. dealing physical damage to all enemies in a line.

Percent of Attack Damage : 170% / 180% / 190%
Bonus Damage : 45 / 65 / 125
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Sona 3
Crescendo Sequence

Sona fires 2 beams that cycle between 3 phases:

1: Deals magic damage to the nearest enemies
2. Heals the lowest health allies
3. Deals magic damage to the nearest enemies and Stuns them

Stun: cannot move, attack, or cast Abilities

Phase 1 Damage : 150 / 225 / 430
Healing : 180 / 220 / 300
Phase 3 Damage : 100 / 150 / 300
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Vayne 3
Silver Bolt

Vayne fires a heavy bolt at her target, dealing true damage.

Percent of Attack Damage : 130% / 130% / 140%
Bonus Physical Damage : 18 / 25 / 45
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Velkoz 3
Frozen Tomb

Vel'koz Stun the enemy champion that has dealt the most damage this round for 2 seconds, dealing magic damage to them. An enemy cannot be frozen again for 4 seconds after being frozen.

Stun: cannot move, attack, or cast Abilities

Damage : 275 / 415 / 680
Stun Duration : 2 / 2.25 / 2.5
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Zoe 3
Trouble Bubble

Zoe launches a bubble at the nearest non-infected enemy, infecting them with a virus that deals magic damage over 10 seconds. Infected enemies take more damage.

Damage : 390 / 585 / 975
Percent Bonus Damage : 10% / 10% / 20%
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Tier 4 - Champions

Aurelion Sol 4
Meteor Shower

Aurelion Sol calls down meteors on random enemies that explode on impact. Each meteor deals magic damage and applies a burn for 10 seconds, dealing % of the target's maximum Health as true damage and reducing incoming healing by 33%.

Meteors : 4 / 4 / 6
Damage : 155 / 230 / 450
% Health as Damage : 10 / 10 / 10
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BelVeth 4
Endless Banquet

Bel'Veth dashes around her target and unleashes a flurry of attacks, each dealing physical damage.

Each time this is cast, Bel'Veth gains 25% bouns Attack Speed for the rest of combat.

Damage : 20 / 30 / 150
Percent of Attack Damage : 75% / 75% / 200%
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Ekko 4
Star Diver

Ekko dives in, granting himself a shield for 5 seconds and taunts nearby enemies. When the shield breaks, he emits a time field, dealing damage to nearby enemies and slowing their attack speed by 50% for 2 seconds.

Shield Amount : 550 / 700 / 3000
Damage : 100 / 150 / 1500
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MissFortune 4
Bullet Time

Miss Fortune fires 8 waves of bullets in her target's direction within channels for 2 seconds. Enemies take magic damage from the first bullet that hits them, and less magic damage from any other bullets that hit.

Damage : 40 / 60 / 180
Reduce Damage : 20 / 30 / 100
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Samira 4

Samira rapidly firing bullets that deal physical damage for 1.5 seconds. Bullets ricochet to nearby enemies, for 20% less damage.

Percent of Attack Damage : 480% / 490% / 1250%
Damage : 80 / 100 / 666
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Sejuani 4
Cryo Grenade

Sejuani throws a cryo grenade at the closest enemy that explodes after a 2-second delay. Enemies within a 3-hex radius are Stunned and take magic damage.

Stun: cannot move, attack, or cast Abilities

Damage : 125 / 200 / 1200
Stun Duration : 1.5 / 2 / 8
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Sett 4
Mecha SLAM!

Sett gains a Health shield and becomes immune to crowd control for 2.5 seconds. He charges up while the shield is active; when the shield breaks or expires, he deals physical in a cone to all enemies caught within the blast. The blast damage increases depending on how long Sett was charged up.

Shield Health : 325 / 425 / 1500
Min Attack Damage % : 140% / 150% / 300%
Max Attack Damage % : 280% / 300% / 600%
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Soraka 4

Soraka launches a star at her target, which deals magic damage and heals Soraka for 8% of her maximum Health. Every 3 casts, she launches stars at each of the nearest enemies.

Damage : 235 / 350 / 750
Empowered Stars : 3 / 3 / 4
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Taliyah 4
Weaver's Wall

Taliyah summon a torrent of spiraling rocks in a line of enemy units, dealing magic damage to all enemies it hits. After a brief delay, the wall explodes, dealing additional magic damage to nearby enemies.

Damage : 75 / 115 / 275
Explosion Damage : 225 / 335 / 999
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Viego 4

Viego becomes unstoppable, leaping to the largest cluster of nearby enemies and slamming his sword down on the enemy with the lowest Health, dealing magic damage to the primary target and magic damage to enemies nearby. If Viego kills an enemy, he casts again with reduced damage.

Damage : 260 / 390 / 850
AOE Damage : 125 / 185 / 400
Falloff Percent : 20% / 20% / 10%
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Zac 4
Symbiotic Split

Passive: Upon dying, split into smaller Zac Blobs with % of Zac's maximum Health that taunt nearby enemies.

Active: Zac bounces into the air and slams down, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies. Then he heals 30% of his missing Health.

Blobs : 2 / 2 / 4
Blob Health : 40% / 40% / 50%
Damage : 100 / 150 / 1500
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Zed 4
Empowered Kill Mode

Zed teleports behind his target and Sunders Armor for a few seconds and enters KILL Mode for a few seconds: Attacks deal bonus physical damage and every 3rd attack deals physical damage to all adjacent enemies.

Sunder: reduce Armor

Armor Shred : 20 / 30 / 100
Bonus Damage : 40 / 60 / 300
Duration : 7 / 7 / 7
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Tier 5 - Champions

Aphelios 5
Weapons of the Faithful

Player select a weapon when place Aphelios on board.

Binding Eclipse
Aphelios casts forth a lunar spotlight towards the largest group of units, dealing physical damage and stunning all enemies in the area.

Aphelios unleashes a wave of energy in a cone in his target's direction, dealing magic damage to all units hit and locking on to them. After a delay, Aplhelios fires a volley of attacks at each locked-on target, dealing physical damage.

Aphelion enters an onslaught for 1.75 seconds, automatically performing 6 attacks over the duration at the nearest 2 enemies, dealing physical damage to each enemy.

Binding Eclipse Base Damage : 55 / 85 / 2000
Binding Eclipse Stun Duration : 1.25 / 2 / 15
Binding Eclipse Percent of Attack Damage : 140% / 140% / 800%
Duskwave Magic Damage : 45 / 75 / 500
Duskwave Num Bullets : 7 / 7 / 15
Duskwave Percent of Attack Damage : 260% / 260% / 1500%
Onslaught Base Damage : 55 / 85 / 2000
Onslaught Percent of Attack Damage : 320% / 320% / 1500%
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Fiddlesticks 5
Dark Harvest

Fiddlesticks teleports into the largest cluster of enemies and fears them. For the next a few seconds, Fiddle drains the life from nearby enemies dealing magic damage per second and healing himself for 20% of the damage dealt.

Fear Duration : 1 / 1 / 5
Magic Damage : 100 / 150 / 900
Spell Duration : 5 / 5 / 30
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Janna 5

Janna sends a twister towards the largest group of enemies. The twister expands when it reaches its destination, knocking all nearby enemies up in the air, Stunning them for 1.5 seconds, and dealing 70 magic damage each second for 3 seconds.

Damage : 65 / 95 / 1000
Stun Duration : 1.25 / 1.5 / 8
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Leona 5
Deus Ex Machina

Leona locks onto and calls an orbital laser strike onto her target.

After a short delay a laser fires on the locked on target dealing true damage per second to the target and dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Max Health Reduction Per Sec : 450 / 675 / 5000
Damage : 80 / 120 / 2000
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Mordekaiser 5

Mordekaiser transports the arena into his realm for a few seconds. He Shreds ALL enemies, then slams a building onto the arena that deals magic damage to enemies hit.

Shred: reduce Magic Resist

Damage : 420 / 630 / 5555
Magic Resist Shred : 50% / 50% / 70%
Realm Duration : 4 / 4 / 6
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Nunu 5
Biggest Roboball Ever!

Passive: Nunu and Willump slowly roll a ball around the board, dealing magic damage to all enemies it passes through, and gaining 30 mana per second.

NuNu and Willump grow the ball, increashing their speed, radius of the ball, and its damage dealt by 40%.

Damage : 125 / 190 / 2000
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Syndra 5
Force of Will

Syndra enshrounds a random unit on your bench in an orb, granting them a health shield and fllinging them onto the board towards the closest enemy, knocking up and dealing magic damage to any enemies hit. Traits are unaffected except Corrupted.

Shield Amount : 200 / 600 / 4000
Stun Duration : 1 / 1.5 / 8
Damage : 250 / 375 / 2500
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Urgot 5

Passive: Urgot's claw fires 5 attacks per second, each dealing physical damage.

Active: Urgot summons a gigantic wave behind his enemies that deals % of their maximum Health as magic damage. The wave knocks enemies forward 1 hex, Stuns them, and has a chance to dredge up treasure (gold and loot).

Stun: cannot move, attack, or cast Abilities

Max Health % : 5% / 8% / 75%
Stun Duration : 1 / 1.5 / 5
Treasure Chance : 15% / 25% / 100%
Item Chance : 15% / 25% / 75%
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Item Changes

* Data on this page was provided by Riot Games. When updating the PBE server, some contents may be different.

  • Item Changes
  • Jeweled Gauntlet
  • Grant 10% Critical Strike Damage and 30 bonus Ability Power. Magic and true damage from an Ability can critically strike.
    → Grants 15 bonus Ability Power and 15% Critical Strike Chance.

  • New Items
  • Guardbreaker
  • Grant 15% bouns Attack Damage and 15 bouns Ability Power. Abilities and attacks deal 25% more damage to shielded enemies.

  • Removed champions
  • Banshee’s Claw
  • Combat start: Grant a shield to the holder and allies within 1 hex in the same row that blocks the first enemy Ability, up to 600 damage.

Hero Augments NEW!

* Data on this page was provided by Riot Games. When updating the PBE server, some contents may be different.


Gain an Alistar. He restores 15 Mana per second and his Ability hits all enemies within 1 hex.


Gain an Alistar. He gains 450 bonus Health and his Ability deals bonus damage equal to 30% of his maximum Health.

Reflector Shield

Gain an Annie. While her Ability's shield is active, enemies that attack her take 200 magic damage (once every 0.1 seconds).

Burning Spirit

Gain an Annie. When you field her, your team gains 15 Ability Power, tripled while they are below 50% Health.

Armor Piercing Rounds

Gain an Aphelios. His attacks reduce the target's Armor by 20% for the rest of combat (this can stack).

Locked and Loaded

Gain an Aphelios. When you field him, your team gains 5% Attack Damage and an additional 5% every 5 seconds.

Laser Focus

Gain an Ashe. She gains 50% Attack Speed, doubled while her Ability is active.

Corps Focus

Gain an Ashe. When you field her, your team gains 15% Attack Speed, doubled while her Ability is active.

Extinction Event

Gain an Aurelion Sol. He gains 15 Ability Power and his Ability's meteors are larger.

Velocity Impact

Gain an Aurelion Sol. His Ability stuns enemies hit for 1.75 seconds.

Back for Blood

Gain a Bel'Veth. She gains 25% Omnivamp, tripled while under 50% Health.


Gain a Bel'Veth. Combat Start: Your strongest Bel'Veth creates 2 Voidspawns with 60% of their normal Health in front of her.

Dynamic Defenses

Gain a Gargoyle Stoneplate and a Blitzcrank. When he casts his Ability, its duration increases by 2 second per enemy targeting him.

Rocket Grab

Gain a Blitzcrank. Gain a 400 Health. Combat Start: He pulls the farthest enemy and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Adaptive Defensives

Gain a Camille. She gains 20% Attack Damage. The first time she drops below 50% Health, she gains a shield equal to 500% of her Attack Damage .

Hextech Retribution

Gain a Camille. When you field her, your team deals 8% bonus damage, increasing by an additional 5% whenever an ally dies.

Cosmic Barrier

Gain a Cho'Gath. When you field Cho'Gath, your team gains 35 Magic Resist, doubled for Cho'Gath.

Energy Void

Gain a Cho'Gath. Each time his Ability hits an enemy, he steals 70% of their Magic Resist.

League of Draven

Gain a Draven. He gains 25% Attack Damage. When he kills an enemy, there is a 35% chance to gain 1 gold.

Ruthless Blades

Gain a Draven. When you field him, your team gains 75% Critical Strike Chance.


Gain an Ekko. His ability hits all enemies within 2 hexes and deals additional damage equal to 400% of his Magic Resistance.


Gain an Ekko. When you field him, he stuns all enemies for 2 seconds after 10 seconds of combat.

Rising Spell Force

Gain an Ezreal. When he casts his Ability, he gains @AD@% Attack Speed and 20 Ability Power for the rest of combat (this can stack).

Raider's Spoils

Gain an Ezreal. Combat Start: Your strongest Ezreal grants his nearest ally a temporary Artifact for the rest of combat.

Traumatic Memories

Gain a Fiddlesticks. When an ally dies, it gains 350 bonus Health for the rest of combat.

Absolute Corruption

Gain a Fiddlesticks. Combat Start: Fiddlesticks grants its nearest ally 30 Ability Power and allows them to share its Corrupted souls.

Frontline Fencing

Gain a Fiora. While her Ability is active, she gains 250 Armor and Magic Resist.

Vitality of the Ox

Gain a Fiora. When you field her, your team heals 2% of their maximum Health when they attack.

Justice Punch

Gain a Galio. His Ability deals 150% more damage and knocks up its target for 2 seconds.

Safety First

Gain a Galio. When you field him, your team gains 20 Armor and Magic Resist, doubled for 4 seconds after being shielded.

Flaming Ricochet

Gain a Gangplank. His Ability bounces to a second target dealing 90% damage.

Get Paid

Gain a Gangplank. When you field him, your team has a 50% chance to gain 1 gold on kill.

Category Five

Gain a Janna. Janna gains 50 Ability Power and her ability deals True Damage.

Exaggerated Reporting

Gain a Janna. Forecaster's effects are increased by 100%.

Relentless Assault

Gain a Jax. After every 3rd attack, he gains 12% Attack Speed for the rest of combat (this can stack).


Gain a Jax. When you field him, your team gains 100% Dodge Chance for 2 seconds the first time they fall below 50% Health each combat.

Get Excited!

Gain a Jinx. She gains 40% Attack Speed and Movement Speed. When she scores a takedown, triple this bonus for 7 seconds.

Everyone Goes BOOM!

Gain a Jinx. When you field her, your team gains 9% Attack Speed, tripled after the first enemy dies each combat.


Gain a Kai'Sa. She grants 100% of her Ability's Attack Speed bonus to her nearest ally.


Gain a Kai'Sa. Every 3 attacks, she fires a bonus attack at a nearby enemy.

Divine Ascent

Gain a Kayle. She gains bonuses per star level. 1: 30% Attack Speed 2: +2 Attack Range 3: Attacks fire 2 additional bolts dealing 50% damage.

Righteous Range

Gain a Kayle. Combat Start: She and her 2 nearest allies gain +2 Attack Range and 25% Attack Speed.

Aim Assist

Gain a LeBlanc. For every 2 sigils fired by her Ability, she fires an additional sigil at the lowest Health enemy.

Mirror Image

Gain a LeBlanc. Combat Start: Your strongest LeBlanc creates a 75% Health, itemless clone of her nearest ally.

Cleansing Safeguard

Gain a Lee Sin. His Ability costs 30 less Mana to cast. When he casts, he sheds all negative effects and heals 18% of his missing Health.


Gain a Lee Sin. When your field him, your team gains 15% Attack Speed, doubled for 4 seconds after being shielded.

Perfected Solar Flare

Gain a Leona. She gains 30 Ability Power and her maximum Mana is reduced by 30.

Eclipse Prime

Gain a Leona. When you field her, your team reduces all incoming damage by 20.

Growth Spurt

Gain a Lulu. When she casts her Ability, she gains 100 bonus Health and 20 Ability Power (this can stack).

Foster Growth

Gain a Lulu. When you field her, she and her allies gain 40 Ability Power when equipped with an item.

Illuminating Singularity

Gain a Lux. Every 2nd cast, her Ability deals 135% increased damage.

Lucent Barrier

Gain a Lux. Combat Start: She grants her 2 nearest allies a 500 Health Shield and 35 Ability Power.

Rock Solid

Gain a Malphite. He gains Ability Power equal to 180% of his Armor and his Ability's Armor duration is increased by 4 seconds.

Guardian Spirit

Gain a Malphite. When you field him, your team restores 20% of their missing Health on cast.

Bunny Mercenary

Gain a Miss Fortune. Her Ability covers a wider cone and she gains a 200 Health shield while channeling.

Make It Rain

Gain a Miss Fortune. After every 3 player combats fielded, It grants 10 on Stage 3, and 20 on any stage 4 or after.

Not So Heavy Metal

Gain a Mordekaiser. He gains 20 Ability Power every 4 seconds.


Gain a Mordekaiser. Combat Start: He reduces enemy Armor and Magic Resist by 20%.

Stacks on Stacks

Gain a Nasus. He gains 20% Attack Damage, increased by 3% permanently each time he casts his Ability.

Soul Eater

Gain a Nasus. When you field him, he and his allies heal 300 Health on takedowns.


Gain a Nilah. She gains 45 Ability Power. Combat Start: Your strongest Nilah grants her nearest ally a temporary copy of one of her normal items.

Jubilant Veil

Gain a Nilah. Combat Start: She and her 5 nearest allies gain immunity to crowd control for 30 seconds.

They See Me Rolling

Gain a Nunu. He has 15 Ability Power and 20% movement speed.

Contagious Laughter

Gain a Nunu. He gains 20 Ability Power and restores @Mana@ Mana per second.

Bigger, Better Buckler

Gain a Poppy. She gains 180 Armor.

Steadfast Presence

Gain a Poppy. Combat Start: Your strongest Poppy grants all allies a 325 Health shield.


Gain a Rammus. When you field him, your team gains 35 Armor, doubled for himself.

Spiked Shell

Gain a Rammus. When struck by an attack, he deals magic damage equal to 150% of his Armor to all nearby enemies (once every 2 seconds).

Hold the Line

Gain a Rell. She gains 80 Ability Power and 35% damage reduction.

Channelled Ferromancy

Gain a Rell. When you field her, your team gains 20 Armor and Magic Resist. Each ally gains an additional 5 when they cast (this can stack).

Reign of Anger

Gain a Renekton. He gains 65% Attack Speed and an additional 2% per 100 missing Health.

Cull the Meek

Gain a Renekton. When you field him, your team deals 8% bonus damage, tripled against enemies below 50% Health.


Gain a Riven. She gains 15 Ability Power and her Ability is additionally cast on her lowest Health ally.

Triumphant Return

Gain a Riven. Combat Start: She grants herself and adjacent allies a shield for 15 seconds equal to 40% of their maximum Health.

Style & Flair

Gain a Samira. She gains 30% Attack Damage. When she scores a takedown, she restores 30% of her maximum Mana.


Gain a Samira. For every 10 Tactician Health missing, she grants your team 3.5% Attack Speed.

Glacial Prison

Gain a Sejuani. She gains 20 Armor and Magic Resist and her Ability hits the entire board.


Gain a Sejuani. Her Ability stuns for 1 more seconds, and enemies take 33% more damage while stunned.


Gain a Senna. She gains 30% Attack Speed and an additional 10% every 5 seconds.

Corps Formation

Gain a Senna. Combat Start: She gains 30% Attack Damage.

Punch Protocol

Gain a Sett. He gains 40 Armor and Magic Resist. His Ability knocks back the first enemy struck, destroying them if knocked off the battlefield.

Regenerative Shields

Gain a Protector's Vow and a Sett. Briefly after the shields of his team break, he recharges them at 40% strength for 3 seconds.

Delivery Tips

Gain a Sivir. Every 2nd Ability cast, your strongest Sivir drops 1 gold with a 5% chance to gain 1 additional gold.

Endless Pizza

Gain a Sivir. When you field her, your team heals 12% of their missing Health every 8 seconds. Eliminate all harmful effects.

Power Grid

Gain a Sona. She gains 10 Ability Power and her Ability fires 1 additional beam.


Gain a Sona. Combat Start: Your strongest Sona grants her 3 nearest allies 50 Mana.


Gain a Soraka. Every 5 seconds, Soraka grants your team 20 Mana.

Upgrade: Berserk

Gain a Soraka. After 15 seconds of combat, all of her Ability casts are empowered.


Gain a Sylas. Gain maximum 25% and increase damage 35%.

Petricite Chains

Gain a Sylas. When you field him, your team gains 30 starting Mana and his Ability increases enemies' maximum Mana by 35%.

Power Overwhelming

Gain a Syndra. Allies summoned by her Ability gain 100% Attack Damage and 100 Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resist.

Empowered Reserves

Gain a Syndra. When you field her, your team gains 5 Ability Power per unit on your bench.


Gain a Taliyah. She gains 25 Ability Power and her Ability deals 20% more damage to enemies above 1600 maximum Health.

Be the Stone

Gain a Taliyah. Combat Start: She shields the 3 highest Health allies for 50% of their maximum Health.


Gain a Talon. He gains 40 Ability Power. After killing an enemy, he restores 40 Mana.

OX-ian Rage

Gain a Talon. When you field him, your team gains 10% Attack Damage and 10 Ability Power, tripled when they are below 50% Health.


Gain an Urgot. His Ability has an additional 25% chance to dredge up treasure.

Rising Tide

Gain an Urgot. Combat Start: He grants himself and adjacent allies 30% Attack Speed.

Spread Shot

Gain a Vayne. Her Ability additionally fires at 2 other nearby enemies dealing 65% damage.

Into the Night

Gain an Edge of Night and a Vayne. When you field her, allies equipped with Edge of Night gain 35% Attack Speed.


Gain a Vel'Koz. His Ability deals an additional 400% of its damage over the next 20 seconds (this can stack).

Frozen Tundra

Gain a Vel'Koz. Combat Start: He slows the Attack Speed of all enemies by 30% for 10 seconds.

Unrelenting Force

Gain a Vi. When she takes damage, she gains 2% Attack Damage, 2 Armor, and 2 Magic Resist, stacking up to 25 times.

Boxing Lessons

Gain a Vi. When you field her, your team gains 180 bonus Health.


Gain a Viego. He gains 10 Ability Power and his Ability deals up to 50% increased damage based on the enemy's missing Health.

Partners in Crime

Gain a Viego. When you field him, your team gains 12% Omnivamp, tripled when 2 or less allies remain.


Gain a Wukong. He gains 10 Ability Power and increases his Ability's range by 1 hex.


Gain a Wukong. When you field him, your team restores 50% of their Mana after their first cast each combat.

Siphoning Winds

Gain a Yasuo. He gains 60% Omnivamp.

Spirit of the Exile

Gain a Yasuo. When you field him, allies who start combat with no adjacent allies gain 22% Attack Speed.

Predatory Precision

Gain a Yuumi. She gains 5 Ability Power, 75% Critical Strike Chance and her Ability can critically strike.


Gain a Yuumi. When you field her, your team 22% Attack Speed, and zooms towards their targets.


Gain a Zac. He gains 1000 bonus Health and is immune to crowd control.

Elastic Slingshot

Gain a Zac. Combat Start: He flings his 2 nearest allies to the enemy backline, knocking up enemies upon impact for 4 seconds.

Shadow Jutsu

Gain a Zed. He gains 20% Attack Damage. When he kills an enemy, he gains 20% of their Attack Damage for the rest of combat.

Contempt for the Weak

Gain a Zed. When you field him, your team gains 7% Attack Speed. Upon scoring a taking down their target, they dash to a new one and triple this bonus for 2.5 seconds.

Double Bubble

Gain a Zoe. Her Ability launches a second bubble at a different target, dealing 70% damage.

Sleepy Time

Gain a Zoe. Combat Start: She puts to sleep the 4 lowest Health enemies stunning them for 4 seconds.

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