SET 6.5: Neon Nights

Renata Portrait Renata Glasc 4
Chemtech NEW

After dropping below 75% Health, Chemtech champions become chem-powered, gaining Attack Speed, 15% damage reduction, and regenerating a percentage of their maximum Health each second for 8 seconds.

Silco Portrait Silco 5
Mastermind NEW

At the start of combat, the Mastermind grants the 2 allies directly in front of him 30 Mana (this effect does not stack).

Draven Portrait Draven 4
Debonair NEW

Debonair champions gain bonus Health and Ability Power, and you have a higher chance to see Debonair VIPs in your Shop.

If there is a Debonair VIP in play, they activate their unique bonus. Sell the old VIP for a chance to see a new one in your Shop.