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Gold Income
TypeEarn GoldMemo
Base Income5 GoldPassive Income. You will get at the beginning of each planning phase. (Exception: at the beginning of rounds 1-2: 2g, 1-3: 2g, 1-4: 3g, 2-1: 4g)
Streaks Bonus1~3 GoldGet golds when at wins (or losses) in a row
PvP Win1 GoldEarn After winning a PvP round (Non-PVE round)
Interest0~5 GoldGain an additional 1 gold for every 10 gold already held after a round (up to 5 golds).
Win/Lose StreaksGold Bonus
1 Win/Lose-
2 Win/Lose Streaks+1 Gold
3 Win/Lose Streaks+1 Gold
4 Win/Lose Streaks+2 Gold
5 Win/Lose Streaks~+3 Gold
Banked GoldInterest
0 ~ 9 Gold-
10 ~ 19 Gold+1 Gold
20 ~ 29 Gold+2 Gold
30 ~ 39 Gold+3 Gold
40 ~ 49 Gold+4 Gold
50 Gold~+5 Gold
EXP Table

- 2 EXP for each round

- 4 EXP = 4 Gold

LevelNeed EXP
Lv.1 → LV.20
Lv.2 → LV.32 XP
Lv.3 → LV.46 XP
Lv.4 → LV.510 XP
Lv.5 → LV.620 XP
Lv.6 → LV.736 XP
Lv.7 → LV.848 XP
Lv.8 → LV.980 XP
Lv.9 → Lv.1084 XP
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