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Draven Imperial Blademaster
  • Spinning Axe Damage Mult: 250-450% -> 150-250%
  • We're talking down Draven's raw power from axes to require comps that run him to be more reliant on the Blademaster and Imperial buffs. He's still intened to be a high tier unit to build teams around, so we'll be keeping our eyes on him in case he needs further adjustments
Aatrox Demon Blademaster
  • Attack Speed: 0.55 -> 0.65
Aurelion Sol Dragon Sorcerer
  • Damage: 250-650 -> 300-700
Kindred Phantom Ranger
  • Attack Speed: 0.7 -> 0.65
Lulu Yordle Sorcerer
  • There is a known bug where Lulu's spell does not cast. We are working on a fix
Miss Fortune Pirate Gunslinger
  • Damage: 700-1540 -> 800-1700
Morgana Demon Sorcerer
  • Damage: 200-400 -> 250-450
Volibear Glacial Brawler
  • Bounces: 3-7 -> 3-5
  • Bug fix: No longer applies on-hits twice to the primary target
  • Fixed a bug where Extra Attacks from Gunslinger would fire while the Champion was Stunned/Disarmed
  • We fixed a number of bugs making player damage higher than intended
  • Resolved an issue where units that died after combat ended would trigger damage/gold generation additional times
  • Fixed a bug where players would take extra damage from a random surviving unit
  • Fixed a bug where duplicate armies (from defeated players) would not deal damage