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Band of Thieves I

Gain 1 Thief's Gloves.

Best Friends I

Units isolated in pairs gain 12% Attack Speed and 12 Armor at the start of combat.

Blistering Strikes

Your team's attacks burn their targets for 5% of their maximum Health over 5 seconds. Attacks also reduce their targets' healing received by 33%.

Branching Out

After 1 player combat(s), Gain a random Emblem and a Reforger.

Buried Treasures I

Gain a random item component at the start of the next 2 rounds (including this round).

Caretaker's Ally

Gain a random 2-cost champion now. Gain the same one again every time you level up.

Component Buffet

Whenever you would get a component, gain a component anvil instead. Gain a random component.

Cybernetic Bulk I

Your champions holding an item gain 200 health.

Exiles I

Your units that start combat with no adajacent allies gain a 25% maximum Health shield for 10 seconds.

Featherweights I

Your 1 and 2 cost champions gain 15% Attack Speed and Move Speed.

Fine Vintagenew

Completed items left on your bench for 4 rounds transform into Support items.

Good For Something I

Champions that aren't holding items have a 35% to drop 1 gold on death.

Harmacist I

Your team has 10% Omnivamp and convert 20% of excess healing to true damage on their next attack.(Omnivamp: healing for a percent of damage dealt)

Healing Orbs I

When an enemy dies, the nearest ally is healed for 225.

Help Is On The Way

After 8 player combats. choose 1 of 4 Support items.

Iron Assets

Gain a Component Anvil and 4 Gold.

Item Grab Bag I

Gain 1 random completed item.

Keepers I

Combat start: grant units with adjacent allies a 175 Health Shield for 8 seconds. This Shield stacks.

Lategame Specialist

When you reach Level 9, gain 33 gold.

Latent Forge

After 8 player combats, gain an Artifact anvil .

Lunch Moneynew

Every 8 damage you deal to enemy tacticians gives you 2 gold.

Missed Connections

Gain a copy of each 1-cost champion.

One, Two, Five!

Gain 1 random component, 2 gold, and 1 random 5-cost champion.

Ones Twos Three

Gain 3 1-cost champion, 2 2-cost champions, and 1 3-cost champion.

Over Encumberednew

For the next stage, you only get 2 bench slots. After, get 3 item components.

Pandora's Items

Round start: items on your bench are randomized (except Tactician's Crown and Spatula).Gain 1 random component.

Partial Ascension

After 15 seconds of combat, your units deal 30% more damage.

Pick of the Litternew

Open a special shop with three free 3-cost champions. You can only pick one, but you get 2 copies of it.

Pumping Up I

Your team gains 8% Attack Speed now. Each round after, they gain 0.5% more.


Champions on your board permanently transform into random champions 1 cost tier higher. Gain 2 Magnetic Removers.

Risky Moves

Your Tactician loses 20 Health, but after 7 Player combats, gain 30 Gold.

Rolling For Days I

Gain 9 free Shop rerolls that never expire.

Sharing Is Caringnew

Combat start: You gain 1 gold and your opponent gains 1 gold.

Silver Spoon

Gain 10 XP.

Silver Ticket

Gain a free Shop reroll after every 4 rerolls.

Silver Veil

Your team gains 5% Attack Speed and is immune to the first crowd control effect in combat.

Stationary Support I

After 8 player combats, gain 1 Training Dummy(s) equipped with 1 permanently attached Support item(s).

Sticks And Stones

Champions that aren't holding items Shred and Sunder enemies for 3 seconds. Physical damage Sunders for 30%, and magic damage Shreds for 30%.


Gain 4 components after you lose 50 player health.

Switching Gears

Gain 3 gold whenever you break your win or loss streak.

Team Building

Gain a Lesser Champion Duplicator. Gain another after 7 player combats.

Teaming Up I

Gain 1 random component and 2 random 3-cost champions.

The Golden Removernew

Gain a Golden Remover and component item anvil.Golden Remover is an Item Remover with infinite uses.

Tiny Titans

Increase your current and maximum player health by 30.

Tri Force I

Your Tier 3 champions gain 100 Health, 10 starting Mana, and 10% Attack Speed.

Unified Resistance I

If you have 3 or more champions in the same row at the start of combat, they all gain 15 Armor and Magic Resist.

Young and Wild and Free

You can always move freely on Carousel rounds. Gain 2 Gold.

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