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Draconic Augments


Combat Training I

Your Champions permanently gain 1 Attack Damage every time they kill an enemy unit. Champions start with 8 Attack Damage.


After 15 seconds of combat, your units deal 50% more damage.

Smoke Bomb

The first time Assassins drops to 70% health, they briefly enter stealth, becoming untargetable and shedding all negative effects. Any excess damage is reduced by 60%. Gain a Talon.

Blue Battery

After casting their Ability, your units restore 20 Mana.

Calculated Loss

After losing your combat, gain 2 gold and a free Shop refresh.

Celestial Blessing II

Your units heal for 20% of the damage dealt by attacks and Abilities. Excess healing is converted to a shield up to 450 Health.

Clear Mind

If you have no champions on your bench at the end of a round, gain 3 experience points.

Component Grab Bag

Gain 3 random item components.

Cybernetic Implants II

Your champions holding an item gain 150 Health and 15 Attack Damage.

Cybernetic Shell II

Your champions holding an item gain 150 Health and 30 Armor.

Cybernetic Uplink II

Your champions holding an item gain 150 Health and restore 3 Mana per second.

Exiles II

Your units that start combat with no adajacent allies gain a 35% maximum Health shield for 10 seconds.

Stand United II

Your units gain 2 Attack Damage and Ability Power per Trait active across your army.

Electrocharge II

When your units receive critical strikes, they deal 85-145 (based on current Stage) magic damage to nearby enemies. (1 second cooldown).

Featherweights II

Your 1 and 2 cost champions gain 35% Attack Speed and Move Speed.

Future Sight I

Know who you will fight next. Gain a Zephyr.


If you have less than 20 gold at the end of a round, gain 2 gold.

Jeweled Lotus

Magic and true damage from your units' Abilities can critically strike. Your units gain 25% Critical Strike Chance.

Luden's Echo II

When your units cast and deal Ability damage, the first target hit and a nearby enemy take 55-160 (based on current Stage) magic damage.

Makeshift Armor II

Your units with no items gain 45 Armor and Magic Resist.

Meditation II

Your units without items equipped restore 6 Mana per second.

Metabolic Accelerator

Your Tactician moves faster and heals 2 Health after a PVP round.

Portable Forge

Open an Armory and choose 1 of 3 unique Artifacts crafted by Ornn.

Rich Get Richer

Gain 10 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to 7.

Rich Get Richer+

Gain 18 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to 7.

Salvage Bin

Gain a random completed item. Selling champions breaks apart their full items into components (excluding Tactician's Crown).

Second Wind II

After 10 seconds of combat, your units heal 60% of their missing Health.

Sunfire Board

At the start of combat, burn all enemies for 15% of their maximum Health over 15 seconds and reduce healing received by 50%.

Phony Frontline

Gain 2 Target Dummies.

Three's Company

Gain 3 random 3-cost champions.

Thrill of the Hunt II

Your units heal 700 Health on kill.

Ancient Archives I

Gain 1 Tome of Traits.

Trade Sector

Gain a free Shop refresh each round.

Trade Sector+

Gain a free Shop refresh each round. Gain 8 golds.

Built Different II

Your units with no Traits active gain 300-600 Health and 50-80% Attack Speed. (based on current Stage)

TriForce II

Your Tier 3 champions gain 233 Health, 23 starting Mana, and 23% Attack Speed.

True Twos

Gain 1 random 2-star Tier 1 champions and 1 random 2-star Tier 2 champion.

Double Trouble II

If you have exactly 2 copies of a champion on your board, they both gain 33 Attack Damage, Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resist. When you 3-star, gain a 2-star copy.


Assassins Mana-Reave the first unit they attack, increasing their maximum Mana by 50% until they cast. Assassins deal 10% more damage against Mana-Reaved targets. Gain a Qiyana.

Assassin Crest

Gain an Assassin Emblem and a Kayn.

Intercosmic Gifts

Astral Orbs have a 100% chance to spawn a smaller orb that contains bonus loot. Gain a Nami.

Axiom Arc II

Your units gain 40 Mana on kill.

Best Friends II

Your units that start combat only adjacent to each other gain 15 Attack Speed and 25 Armor.

Big Friend II

Your units that start combat next to a unit with over 2000 Health take 18% less damage for the rest of combat.

Bruiser Crest

Gain a Bruiser Emblem and a Taric.

Personal Training

At the end of combat, Champions that started combat adjacent to Bruiser permanently gain 40 Health, increased by 20 if they survived. Gain a Shen.

Titanic Strength

Bruisers gain 1.5% of their Health as Attack Damage. Gain a Tahm Kench.

Cannoneer Crest

Gain a Cannoneer Emblem and a Jinx.

Hot Shot

Cannoneer's cannon shots burn their targets, dealing 6% of the target's maximum Health as true damage over 2 seconds, and reducing healing by 50% for the duration of the burn. Gain a Tristana.


Cannoneer's cannon shots bounce once, dealing 33% less damage. Gain a Tristana.

Devastating Charge

Cavalier's first attack after charging deals 85 magic damage, increased by 1% for each Armor and Magic Resist they have. Gain a Lillia.

Cavalier Crest

Gain a Cavalier Emblem and a Sejuani.

Cluttered Mind

If your bench is full at the end of a round, gain 4 experience points.

Dragon Alliance

The Dragon trait remains active regardless of how many Dragons you have. Dragons gain 60 Armor and Magic Resist. Gain a random Tier 4 Dragon.

Dragon Horde

The Dragon trait remains active regardless of how many Dragons you have. Dragons gain 30 Attack Damage and Ability Power. Gain a random Tier 4 Dragon.

Dragonmancer Crest

Gain a Dragonmancer Emblem and an Ashe.


When the Dragonmancer Hero gets a takedown, champions that share a trait with the Dragonmancer Hero gain 70% Attack Speed for 3 seconds. Gain a Ashe.

Evoker Crest

Gain an Evoker Emblem and a Lulu.

Essence Theft

Evoker's attacks steal 5 Mana from their target. Gain a Lulu.

First Aid Kit II

All healing and shielding on your units is increased by 35%.

Gadget Expert

Direct Damage items deal 33% more damage as true damage. Gain a Statikk Shiv.

Guardian Crest

Gain a Guardian Emblem and a Braum.

Heroic Presence

Guardians taunt all enemies every 2 seconds. Enemies that attack a Guardian's shield take magic damage equal to 7% of the shielded unit's max Health (up to once per second). Gain a Thresh.

Guild Crest

Gain a Guild Emblem and a Twitch.

Gear Upgrades

Guild champions holding an item gain 25 Armor and another 250% of their Guild bonus. Gain a Twitch.

Loot Master

Gain a random component every 4 player combat rounds when you have at least Guild (2) active. Gain a Twitch.

Eternal Protection

When one of your Jade champions would die, the nearest Jade Statue protects them, losing 70% of its max Health and transferring 200% of that amount to the champion.. Gain an Ashe.


Enemies are disarmed for 2.5 seconds the first time they attack a Jade Statue or are damaged by a Jade Statue's explosion. Gain a Gnar.

Jade Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Jade. Gain a Gnar.

Last Stand

The first time you would die, instead drop to 1 Health. After this effect triggers, your units gain 200 Health, 20 Armor and Magic Resist, and 20% Omnivamp.

Mage Conference

While the Mage trait is active, a random Mage portals onto your bench after combat with a player. Gain a Lillia.

Mage Crest

Gain a Mage Emblem and a Vladimir.

Better Together

Aura items that buff your team have their effects increased by 33%. Gain a Locket of the Iron Solari.

Mirage Crest

Gain a Mirage Emblem and a Nunu.


Mirage champions take 90% less damage for the first 6 seconds of combat. Gain a Yone.

Pandora's Bench

Gain 5 gold. At the start of every turn, Champions on the 3 rightmost bench slots transform into random champions of the same cost.

Preparation II

Units on your bench gain 7 Attack Damage and Ability Damage every round, up to 28.

Ragewing Crest

Gain a Ragewing Emblem and a Kayn.


Every 5th instance of Ragewing champion's damage deals 20% more damage and is converted to true damage. Gain a Sena.


After casting their first Ability, Ragewings restore 100% of their maximum Rage.

Revel Crest

Gain a Revel Emblem and a Jinx.

Party Favors

Gain 1 gold for every 6 firecrackers launched by Revel champions each combat. Additionally, gain a special prize the first time 100 total firecrackers are launched. Gain a Jinx.

Party Time!

After Revels score a takedown, they gain 80% Attack Speed for 4 seconds. Gain a Jinx.

Scalescorn Crest

Gain a Scalescorn Emblem and a Braum.

Beast's Den

Units that start combat next to at least 2 Shapeshifters gain 35% Attack Speed and Move Speed. Shapeshifters always gain this bonus. Gain a Gnar.

Reckless Spending

If you purchase both XP and a Shop Refresh during the Planning Phase, Shimmerscale champions and Champions having a Shimmerscale item gain 40% damage for the next combat phase. Gain a Kayn.

Shimmerscale Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Shimmerscale. Gain a Kayn.

Swiftshot Crest

Gain a Swiftshot Emblem and a Ashe.

Press the Attack

Your Swiftshots' attacks apply a stack on their target for 5 seconds. Every third stack consumes all stacks to deal true damage equal to 4% of the target's maximum Health. Gain a Twitch.

Tempest Crest

Gain a Tempest Emblem and a Qiyana.

Eye of the Storm

At the start of combat, the unit in the center of the board gains 45 Ability Power, increased to 135 after Tempest lightning strikes. Gain a Qiyana.

Urf's Grab Bag I

Gain 1 Spatula and 1 random item component.

Warrior Crest

Gain a Warrior Emblem and a Shen.


Warrior's additional attacks deal 50% of their damage to enemies in a 1-hex area around their target. Gain a Yone.

Whispers Crest

Gain a Whispers Emblem and a Thresh.