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Absolute Corruption

Gain a Fiddlesticks. Combat Start: Fiddlesticks grants its nearest ally 30 Ability Power and allows them to share its Corrupted souls.

Accelerated Mentorship

Gain an Ultimate Ezreal. After player combat rounds where you fielded him, gain 8 experience points.

Adaptive Defensives

Gain a Camille. She has 20% Attack Damage. The first time she drops below 50% Health, she gains a shield equal to 500% of her Attack Damage.

Aim Assist

Gain a LeBlanc. For every 3 sigils fired by her Ability, she fires an extra sigil at the lowest Health enemy.

Ante up

Gain a Twisted Fate. Your strongest Twisted Fate drops 1 gold every 20-10 cards thrown each combat (based on current Stage).


Gain a Rammus. When you field him, your team gains 40 Armor, doubled for himself.

Back for Blood

Gain a Bel'Veth. She has 25% Omnivamp, tripled while under 50% Health.


Gain an Alistar. He gains 350 maximum health. His ability hits all adjacent enemies, and deals bonus damage to his primary target equal to 25% of his maximum health.

Big Data

Gain a Warwick. When you field him, your units deal 0.65% increased damage for every 100 Health they have.

Bigger, Better Buckler

Gain a Poppy. She gains 180 Armor.

Boxing Lessons

Gain a Vi. When you field her, your team gains 250 bonus Health.

Bunny Mercenary

Gain a Miss Fortune. Her Ability covers a wider cone and she gains a 200 Health shield while channeling.

Burning Spirit

Gain an Annie. When you field her, your team gains 15 Ability Power, tripled while they are below 50% Health.

Category Five

Gain a Janna. She gains 10 Ability Power and her ability does True Damage.

Channelled Ferromancy

Gain a Rell. When you field her, your team gains 20 Armor and Magic Resist. and 5 when they cast Abilities (this can stack).

Chronic Hallucinations

Gain a Pantheon. Combat start: He and his 4 nearest allies take 60% reduced damage for 6 seconds.


Gain an Ekko. When you field him, he stuns all enemies for 2.5 seconds after 8 seconds of combat.

Cleansing Safeguard

Gain a Lee Sin. His Ability costs 15 less Mana to cast. When he casts, he sheds all negative effects and heals 15% of his missing Health.

Contagious Laughter

Gain a Nunu. When you field him, your team gains 10 Ability Power and an additional 10 every 5 seconds.

Corps Focus

Gain an Ashe. When you field her, your team gains 20% Attack Speed, doubled while her Ability is active.

Cull the Meek

Gain a Renekton. When you field him, your team deals 8% bonus damage, tripled against enemies below 50% Health.


Gain a Wukong. He has 18 Ability Power and +1 hex Ability range.


Gain a Samira. Your team gains 3.5% Attack Speed for each 10 Tactician Health missing.

Darkin Assimilation

Gain an Aatrox. When you field him, 40% of the damage your team receives is instead dealt over 3 seconds as non-lethal damage.


Gain an Aatrox. His Abilities deal additional damage equal to 15% of his Maximum Health.

Destructive Resonance

Gain an Ekko. Ekko’s spell hits all enemies within 3 hexes, and deals 240% bonus damage, but no longer slows enemies’ Attack Speed.

Divine Ascent

Gain a Kayle. She gains bonuses per star level. 1: 40% Attack Speed 2: +2 Attack Range 3: Attacks fire 2 additional bolts dealing 50% damage.

Dynamic Defenses

Gain a Blitzcrank and a Gargoyle Stoneplate. When he casts his Ability, its duration increases by 2 second per enemy targeting him.

Easy Being Green

Gain a Neeko and a Spear of Shojin. When you field her, allies holding Spear of Shojin gain 35% Ability Power.

Eclipse Prime

Gain a Leona. When you field her, your team takes 20 less damage.

Empowered Reserves

Gain a Syndra. When you field her, your team gains 5 Ability Power per unit and item on your bench.

Enchanted Ammunition

Gain a Lucian. When you field him, your team gains 30 Ability Power, and 1 When they attack (this can stack).

Endless Darkness

Gain a Vex. When you field her, your team gains 20 Ability Power, and 5 when they cast Abilities (this can stack).

Everyone Goes BOOM!

Gain a Jinx. When you field her, your team gains 9% Attack Speed, tripled after the first enemy dies each combat.

Exaggerated Reporting

Gain a Janna. Forecaster's effects are increased by 200%.

Extinction Event

Gain an Aurelion Sol. He has 15 Ability Power and his Ability's meteors are larger.

Fear is Freedom

Gain a Morgana. Morgana sends out 1 additional Dark Binding when she casts her Ability, and her Dark Bindings stun their targets for 0.5 additional second.

Flaming Ricochet

Gain a Gangplank. His Ability bounces to a second target dealing 80% damage.

Foster Growth

Gain a Lulu. When you field her, she and allies holding an item gain 35 Ability Power.

Full Power to Sword

Gain a Garen. His ability costs 50 less Mana to cast and deals additional damage equal to 180% of his Attack Damage, but no longer stuns.

Gas Giant Slayer

Gain a Morgana. When you field her, your team's abilities and attacks deal 30% more damage to enemies with more than 1600 maximum Health.

Gear Shift

Gain a Twisted Fate. When you field him, your team gains 12% Attack Speed, doubled after they cast their Ability the first time each combat.

Get Excited!

Gain a Jinx. She gains 30% Attack Speed and Move speed. When she scores a takedown this amount is tripled for 6 seconds.

Get Paid

Gain a Gangplank. When you field him, your team has a 50% chance to gain 1 gold on kill.


Gain a Nilah. She gains 40 Ability Power. Combat Start: Your strongest Nilah grants her nearest ally a temporary copy of one of her normal items.

Grand Challenge

Gain a Fiora. Every 4 attacks on the all unit. she deals 20% of her maximum health as magic damage, and heals for 12% of her maximum health.

Grandmaster’s Training

Gain a Jax. When you field him, your team gains 20 Armor and 12% Attack Speed. These bonuses are doubled when your strongest Jax dies.

Growth Spurt

Gain a Lulu. When she casts her Ability, she gains 100 bonus Health and 18 Ability Power (this can stack).

Guardian Spirit

Gain a Malphite. When you field him, your team restores 20% of their missing Health when they cast Abilities.


Gain a Viego. He has 10 Ability Power and his Ability deals up to 50% increased damage based on the enemy's missing Health.

Hextech Retribution

Gain a Camille. When you field her, your team deals 8% bonus damage, increasing by an additional 5% whenever an ally dies.

Hold the Line

Gain a Rell. She has 60 Ability Power and 35% damage reduction.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

Gain a Lucian. The first time your strongest Lucian casts his Ability each combat, and every 3 times afterwards, gain 2 experience point.

Illuminating Singularity

Gain a Lux. Every 2nd cast, her Ability deals 150% increased damage.

Into the Night

Gain an Edge of Night and a Vayne. When you field her, allies equipped with Edge of Night gain 35% Attack Speed.


Gain a Lee Sin. When your field him, your team gains 20% Attack Speed, doubled for 4 seconds after being shielded.

Joy Siphon

Gain a Vex. Vex heals the 2 lowest health units on your team for 30% of the damage she deals with abilities and attacks.

Jubilant Veil

Gain a Nilah. Combat start: She and her 4 nearest allies gain immunity to crowd control for 20 seconds.


Gain a Sylas. Gain maximum 25% and increase damage 30%.

Laser Focus

Gain an Ashe. She gains 45% Attack Speed, doubled while her Ability is active.

League of Draven

Gain a Draven. He gains 25% Attack Damage. When he kills an enemy, there is a 35% chance to gain 1 gold.

Lucent Barrier

Gain a Lux. Combat Start: She grants her 2 nearest allies a 500 Health Shield and 35 Ability Power.

Make It Rain

Gain a Miss Fortune. After every 3 player combats fielded, she drops 10-25 gold (based on current Stage).

Mana Tempering

Gain a Sivir. When you field her, your team gains 20% Attack Damage, and 5% when they cast Abilities (this can stack).

Mirror Image

Gain a LeBlanc. Combat start: Your strongest LeBlanc duplicates her nearest ally (without items at 99% Health).


Gain a Kai'Sa. Gain 10 AP, Every 2 projectiles, she fires a bonus attack at a nearby enemy.

My Sword is Your Shield

Gain a Garen. Combat Start and when your strongest Garen casts his ability: Garen shields allies for 12% of their maximum health for 4 seconds.

Not In Vain

Gain a Syndra. Your strongest Syndra gains 40 starting Mana, and 75% Attack Speed every time an ally dies.

Not So Heavy Metal

Gain a Mordekaiser. He gains 20 Ability Power every 5 seconds.


Gain a Mordekaiser. Combat start: He Shreds and Sunders enemies by 20%.

Partners in Crime

Gain a Viego. When you field him, your team gains 12% Omnivamp, tripled when 2 or less allies remain.

Perfected Solar Flare

Gain a Leona. She has 30 Ability Power and her Abilities cost 40 less Mana to cast.

Petricite Chains

Gain a Sylas. When you field him, your team gains 30 starting Mana and his Ability increases enemies' maximum Mana by 35%.

Power Grid

Gain a Sona. She has 10 Ability Power and her Ability fires 1 additional beam.


Gain an Annie. Her spell is larger, and the every cast, stuns all target hits for 2 seconds.

Raider's Spoils

Gain an Ezreal. Combat Start: Your strongest Ezreal grants his nearest ally a temporary Artifact for the rest of combat.


Gain a Wukong. When you field him, your team restores 66% of their Mana after their first cast each combat.

Reconnaissance team

Gain a Kai’Sa. At the start of combat, Kai’Sa and her two closest allied champions gain 40% Critical Strike Chance and their spells can crit.

Recursion Matrix

Gain a Shen. When you field him, your team takes 7% reduced damage, tripled for 4 seconds when they cast Abilities.

Reign of Anger

Gain a Renekton. He gains 40% Attack Speed and an extra 4% per 100 missing Health.

Relentless Assault

Gain a Jax. After every 3rd attack, he gains 18% Attack Speed for the rest of combat (this can stack).


Gain a Riven. She has 15 Ability Power and her Ability is additionally cast on her lowest Health ally.

Righteous Range

Gain a Kayle. Combat Start: She and her 2 nearest allies gain +2 Attack Range and 33% Attack Speed.

Rising Spell Force

Gain an Ezreal. When he casts his Ability, he gains 16%% Attack Speed and 16 Ability Power for the rest of combat (this can stack).

Rising Tide

Gain an Urgot. Combat Start: He grants adjacent allies 30% Attack Speed.

Rock Solid

Gain a Malphite. He has Ability Power equal to 130% of his Armor and his Ability's Armor duration is increased by 4 seconds.

Rocket Grab

Gain a Blitzcrank. He has 1.5 bonus Health. Combat start: He pulls the farthest enemy and stuns them for 400 seconds.

Rule of Four

Gain a Jhin. Every 4 takedowns he gets each combat, he drops 2-4 gold(base on current Stage). He also drops 10% an item component.

Ruthless Blades

Gain a Draven. When you field him, your team gains 55% Critical Strike Chance.


Gain a Fiddlesticks. Fiddlesticks continues absorbing Corrupted Souls even while no longer dormant. If he is still dormant after 8 seconds, he immediately casts. Fiddlesticks’ spell can critically strike.


Gain an Urgot. His Ability has an extra 25% chance to dredge up treasure.

Small Game Hunter

Gain a Pyke. When you field him, your team's abilities and attacks deal 10% more damage, increased to 25% against enemies with less than 1400 maximum Health.

Soul Eater

Gain a Nasus. When you field him, he and his allies heal 275 Health on takedowns.

Spiked Shell

Gain a Rammus. When struck by an attack, he deals magic damage equal to 150% of his Armor to all nearby enemies (once every 2 seconds).

Spirit of the Exile

Gain a Yasuo. When you field him, allies who start combat with no adjacent allies gain 25% Attack Speed.

Spread Shot

Gain a Vayne. Her Ability also fires at 2 other nearby enemies, dealing 44% damage.

Stacks on Stacks

Gain a Nasus. He gains 20% Attack Damage, increased by 3% permanently each time he casts his Ability.

Starlight Resonance

Gain a Neeko. On combat start and when your strongest Neeko casts her Ability, she grants herself and her closest ally 18 Ability Power until the end of combat.

Steadfast Presence

Gain a Poppy. Combat start: Your strongest Poppy grants your team a 375 Health shield.


Gain an Alistar. Combat start: He 50% Shreds (MR reduction) all enemy units.

Style & Flair

Gain a Samira. She gains 30% Attack Damage. When she scores a takedown, she restores 30% of her maximum Mana.

Synchronous Plating

Gain a Gnar. He gains 45 Armor and Magic Resistance, plus another 5 until the end of combat every time he damages an enemy with his Ability.

Temper Tantrum

Gain a Gnar. When you field him, enemies take 10% more damage, increased to 20% the first time they are damaged by Gnar's attacks or Ability.

Temporal Disruption

Gain an Ultimate Ezreal. Enemies damaged by Ultimate Ezreal's Ability are 2% Burned and 33% Wounded.

The Best Offense

Gain a Pantheon. He gains 40 Ability Power and 100 Magic Resistance.

They See Me Rolling

Gain a Nunu. He has 25 Ability Power and 20% movement speed.

Time Knife

Gain a Shen. His spell costs 10 less Mana, and after casting his spell, his next 3 attack(s) deal bonus true damage equal to 250% of his Armor

Time and a Half

Gain a Sivir. After each player combat round, gain 1 gold for every 42 Attack Damage your strongest Sivir has.

Triumphant Return

Gain a Riven. Combat Start: She grants herself and adjacent allies a shield for 15 seconds equal to 45% of their maximum Health.


Gain a Sona. Combat Start: Your strongest Sona grants her 2 nearest allies 50 Mana.

Unrelenting Force

Gain a Vi. When she takes or deals damage, she gains 3% Attack Damage and 3 Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resist, stacking up to 25 times.

Velocity Impact

Gain an Aurelion Sol. His Ability stuns enemies hit for 1.75 seconds.

Vitality of the Ox

Gain a Fiora. When you field her, your team heals 25% of their maximum Health when they 10 attack.


Gain a Bel'Veth. Combat Start: Your strongest Bel'Veth creates 2 Voidspawns with 88% of their normal Health in front of her.

Well Fednew

Gain a Warwick. When you field him your team gains 60 Maximum Health. This is increased by 1 every 3 times your strongest Warwick attacks.

Well Fed+

Gain a Warwick. When you field him your team gains 150 Maximum Health. This is increased by 1 every 3 times your strongest Warwick attacks.

Winds of the Wanderer

Gain a Yasuo. His spell is bigger and does 8% increases damage.

Wrath of the Rift

Gain a Jhin. When you field him, your units that start combat in the back 2 rows deal 16% bonus damage.

Your Cut

Gain a Pyke. After player combat rounds, gain 1 guaranteed shop refresh, 1 free Shop refresh(es) for every 2 time(s) your strongest Pyke cast his Ability last round.

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