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You cannot perform actions for the next 3 rounds. Afterwards, gain 20 gold.

All Natural I

Your Champions with no items equipped gain 120 Health and heal for 1% of their max Health each second.

Army Building

Gain a Lesser Champion Duplicator. This happens a second time after 7 player combats.

Bastion Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Bastion. Gain a Kassadin.

Blood Money

Gain 1 gold per 3 Health your Tactician loses.

Branching Out

Gain a random Emblem and a Reforger.

Bronze Ticket

Every 4 Shop refreshes, gain a free refresh.

Bruiser Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Bruiser. Gain a Vi.

Buried Treasures I

At the start of the next 2 rounds, gain a random item component.

Caretaker's Ally

Each time you level up, gain the same random Tier 2 champion.

Challenger Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Challenger. Gain a Warwick.

Component Buffet

Gain a random component. Whenever you would get a random component, instead gain a component anvil.


Gain double win and loss streak gold.

Cutting Corners

Leveling up costs 3 XP less. You can now reach Level 10.

Cybernetic Bulk I

Your champions holding an item gain 250 health.

Cybernetic Leech I

Your units holding an item gain 80 Health and 13% Omnivamp.

Deadeye Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Deadeye. Gain an Ashe.

Gunner Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Gunner. Gain a Jinx.

Harmacist I

Your units heal for 10% of the damage they deal, and they convert 20% of excess healing to true damage on their next attack.

Healing Orbs I

When an enemy dies, the nearest allied unit is healed for 300.


If your streak is less than 2, gain 2 gold.

Indomitable Will

When your units score a Takedown they shed all negative effects and become immune to Crowd Control for 10 seconds.

Invoker Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Invoker. Gain a Soraka.

Iron Assets

Gain a Component Anvil and 2 Gold.

Jeweled Lotus I

Combat Start: Your strongest unit gains 40% critical strike chance and their spells can critically strike.

Juggernaut Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Juggernaut. Gain a Sett.

Lategame Specialist

When you reach Level 9, gain 44 gold.

Latent Forge

Gain an Ornn Item Anvil after 8 player combats.

Missed Connections

Gain a copy of each Tier One champion.

On a Roll

Whenever you star-up a champion, gain a free reroll. Gain 2 gold.

One Twos Three

Gain 1 Tier one unit, 2 Tier two units, and 1 Tier three unit.

One, Two, Five!

Gain 1 random component, 2 Gold, and 1 random Tier 5 champion(s).

Pandora's Bench

Gain 2 gold. At the start of every round, champions on the 3 rightmost bench slots transform into random champions of the same cost.

Pandora's Items

Gain a random component. Round Start: items on your bench are randomized (excluding Tactician's Crown, Spatula, and consumables).

Pumping Up I

Your units gain 8% Attack Speed. Each round, increase this by 0.5%.


Champions on your board permanently transform into random champions 1 Tier higher. Gain @NumRemovers@ Magnetic Removers.

Red Buff

Your units' attacks burn their targets for 8% of their maximum Health over 5 seconds and reduce their targets' healing received by 50%.

Risky Moves

Your Tactician loses 20 Health, but after 7 Player combats, gain 30 Gold.

Rogue Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Rogue. Gain a Zed.

Shadow Isles Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Shadow Isles. Gain a Viego and 1 gold.

Silver Spoon

Gain 10 XP.

Slayer Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Slayer. Gain a Kled.

Social Distancing I

Units that begin combat with no adjacent allies gain 12% Attack Damage and Ability Power.

Sorcerer Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Sorcerer. Gain a Swain.

Spoils of War I

When you kill an enemy unit, there's a 20% chance to drop loot.

Tiny Titans

Your Tactician heals 30 Health, grows larger, and has 130 maximum Health.

Transfusion I

Your team gains 20 Health, plus 2 Health per missing Tactician Health.

Unburdened I

Your units without items equipped gain 30% Attack Speed.

Unified Resistance I

If you have 3 or more units in the same row at the start of combat, they all gain 18 Armor and Magic Resist.

Young and Wild and Free

You can always move freely on Carousel rounds. Gain a random component.

Zaun Heart

Your team counts as having 1 additional Zaun. Gain a Warwick.

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