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In the first carousel, vote for the portal of your choice to increase chances of getting the portal selected.
Content in the subsequent stage will vary based on the portal chosen.
  • 3-Cost Start

    Start with a random 3-Cost champion.

  • Champion Duplicator

    Start the game with a Champion Duplicator.

  • Triple Champion Start

    Start the game with 3 random Tier 1 champions.

  • Training Dummy

    Start with a Training Dummy.

  • Unit Accelerator

    Your team gains bonus Attack Speed and movement speed.

  • Multi-Talented

    Headliners grant +1 to another one of their traits.

  • Showtime

    Higher cost Headliners show up sooner.

  • Player Health Increase

    Start with 115 player health.

  • Double Component Carousel

    Component carousels have an extra component on each champion.

  • Scuttle Puddle

    PVE enemies are replaced by crabs that drop bonus loot!

  • Gold Per Augment

    Every time you select an augment, gain 3 gold per augment you have.

  • Gold Per Item

    When you build items, gain gold.

  • Pot of Gold

    At stage 6-1, all living players split a pot of 120 gold.

  • All Silver Augments

    All augments this game will be silver tier

  • All Gold Augments

    All augments this game will be gold tier.

  • All Prismatic Augments

    All augments this game will be prismatic tier.

  • 1st Augment Gold

    The first augment offered this game will be gold tier.

  • 1st Augment Prismatic

    The first augment offered this game will be prismatic tier.

  • Gold Augment Last

    The last augment this game will be gold tier.

  • Prismatic Augment Third

    The last augment of this game will be prismatic tier.

  • Component Anvils

    Start with 2 component Anvils.

  • Completed Item Anvil

    Start with 1 completed item anvil.

  • Radiant Item

    On stage 3-7, gain a Magnetic Remover and choose 1 of 5 Radiant items. Radiant items are powerful versions of core items.

  • Artifact Anvil

    Start with an Artifact Anvil that lets you choose from powerful items with unique effects.

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