• Builder
  • Comps
  • Champions
  • Traits
  • Items
  • Augments
  • Portals
  • Rewards/Odds
In the first carousel, vote for the portal of your choice to increase chances of getting the portal selected.
Content in the subsequent stage will vary based on the portal chosen.
  • 3-Cost Champion

    Start with a random 3-Cost champion.

  • Champion Duplicator

    Start the game with a Champion Duplicator.

  • 3 Champions

    Start the game with 3 random Tier 1 champions.

  • Champion Delivery

    Twice per stage, gain a high cost champion. The cost increases with game time.

  • Training Dummy

    Start with a Training Dummy.

  • Unit Accelerator

    Your team gains bonus Attack Speed and movement speed.

  • Wandering Trainers

    Start with a Training Dummy with 3 permanently attached trait emblems.

  • Multi-Talented

    Headliners grant +1 to another one of their traits.

  • Showtime

    Higher cost Headliners show up sooner.

  • Larger Legends

    Start with 115 player health.

  • Loaded Carousels

    Component carousels have an extra component on each champion.

  • Scuttle Puddle

    PVE enemies are replaced by crabs that drop bonus loot!

  • Crab Rave

    Dancing Crabs replace PvE encounters and drop bonus loot, but crabs on Stage 5+ are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS. Grants loot every other stage in Hyper Roll.

  • Spatula

    Start with a Spatula.

  • Loot Subscription

    Every stage, gain random loot from a highly varied pool.

  • Treasure Armory

    On stage 4-7, choose a 5-piece package of powerful loot. This occurs on Stage 8-1 in Hyper Roll.

  • Radiant Blessing

    At 40 player health, receive a blessing that contains powerful loot. This occurs at 10 player health in Hyper Roll

  • Augment Payout

    Every time you select an augment, gain 3 gold per augment you have.

  • Item Payout

    When you build items, gain gold.

  • Pot of Gold

    At stage 6-1, all living players split a pot of 120 gold.

  • Silver Symphony

    All augments this game will be silver tier

  • Golden Symphony

    All augments this game will be gold tier.

  • Prismatic Symphony

    All augments this game will be prismatic tier.

  • Golden Prelude

    The first augment offered this game will be gold tier.

  • Prismatic Prelude

    The first augment offered this game will be prismatic tier.

  • Golden Finale

    The last augment this game will be gold tier.

  • Prismatic Finale

    The last augment of this game will be prismatic tier.

  • Crescendo

    Augments this game will be silver, gold, then prismatic tier.

  • Decrescendo

    Augments this game will be prismatic, gold, then silver tier.

  • Component Anvils

    Start with 2 component Anvils.

  • Completed Item Anvil

    Start with 1 completed item anvil.

  • Radiant Item

    On stage 3-7, gain a Magnetic Remover and choose 1 of 5 Radiant items. Radiant items are powerful versions of core items.

  • Artifact Anvil

    Start with an Artifact Anvil that lets you choose from powerful items with unique effects.

  • Support Anvil

    Start with 1 Support item anvil.

  • Tactician’s Crown

    Start with a Tactician’s Crown.

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