• Patch Notes
  • Re-Roll
  • Rounds
  • Gold/XP
  • Damage Formula
  • Hotkeys
  • Set 10Down
  • Set 9Down
  • Set 8Down
  • Set 7Up
  • Set 7.5
  • Set 7
  • Set 6Down
  • Set 5Down
  • Set 4Down
  • Set 3Down
  • Set 2Down
  • Set 1Down
  • Fixed a bug where invading player's Jade Statues will no longer have 1 Health on arrival
  • Fixed a bug where the Shop couldn’t be refreshed if you collected a Bard Doot after selling Bard.
  • Fixed a bug where 3-star Units transformed by Recombobulator and Pandora's Bench were unable to equip items
  • Fixed the following bug for Mirage (6) and (8): Duelist now stacks to 10 stacks instead of 9 stacks
  • Fixed the following bug for Mirage (6) and (8): Electric Overload deals 9% Health damage instead of 10%
  • Finally, we fixed an issue with the Discover Sunken Treasure mission earlier this patch, but failed to include it in the patch notes the first time round. We will have a compensation mission coming next patch.
  • Terra Armor & Magic Resist from Earthquake: 150/200/4000 ⇒ 130/165/4000
  • Traits Dragon (6) Ascended Stats: 40 ⇒ 30
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