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A Cut Above

Gain a Deathblade. Champions holding this item have a 20% chance to drop 1 gold on kill.


After 15 seconds of combat, your units deal 50% more damage.

Balanced Budget II

At the start of the next 4 rounds, Gain 7 Gold.

Best Friends IInew

Units isolated in pairs gain 15% Attack Speed and 20 Armor at the start of combat.

Big Gainsnew

Your team gains 80 bonus Health, and permanently gains 10 Health every 2 takedowns.

Big Grab Bag

Gain 3 random components, 2 gold, and a Reforger.

Bigger Shotnew

Every 3 attacks, Big Shots also fires a bomb that deals 65% Attack Damage to enemies within 1 hex of the target. Gain a Kaisa.

Blank Slatenew

Immediately sell your team (including bench) for double their value. Your next 8 Shop rerolls are free.

Blinged Outnew

Your True Damage champions gain 100 Health and 8% Attack Speed for each item they are holding. Gain a Yasuo and a Senna.

Bounty Huntersnew

Country champions have a 20% chance to drop 1 gold on kill. Your Dreadsteed's chances are doubled. Gain a Samira.

Buried Treasures II

At the start of the next 3 rounds, gain a random item component.

Capricious Forge

Gain a Blacksmith's Gloves, which equips two temporary Artifacts each round.

Caretaker's Favor

Gain a component anvil when you reach level 5, 6, 7, and 8.

Clear Mind

If you have no champions on your bench at the end of player combat round, gain 3 experience points.

Cluttered Mind

If your bench is full at the end of player combat round, gain 3 experience points. Gain 4 random Tier 1 champions.

Combat Caster

Your team gains a 90-170 Health shield for 6 seconds after casting their Ability. The shield amount scales with round of the game.


Combat Start: Infect the highest health enemy, increasing their damage taken by 18%. Every 5 seconds, the infection spreads to 2 nearby units.

Crash Test Dummiesnew

Gain 2 Target Dummies. Combat start: Your Target Dummies launch themselves towards the largest clump of enemies and Stun them for 2 seconds.

Crown Guardednew

Gain a Crownguard. Your Crownguards' start of combat effect is 75% stronger.

Cybernetic Bulk II

Your champions holding an item gain 333 health.

Cybernetic Uplink II

Your champions holding an item gain 120 Health and restore 2.5 Mana per second.

Do It for the Fansnew

Your Headliner's damage heals your Superfans for 22% of the damage dealt. Gain a Gnar.

Double The Funknew

Your Disco Balls affect allies up to 2 hexes away and pulse every 2.5 seconds. Gain a Nami and a Gragas.

Emotional Connectionnew

Allies of your Emo champions gain 60% of the Emo Mana bonus when any ally dies. Gain an Annie and a Vex.


The first time your Headliner dies, they become invulnerable and heal 60% of their max Health over 1.5 seconds instead.

Escort Quest

Gain a Training Dummy. Each round, if it survives combat, gain 3 gold.

Expose Weaknessnew

Damage from Executioners' attacks and spells Shred and Sunder enemies by 40% for 3 seconds. Gain a Twitch.

Extended Playnew

Gain bonuses for starring Punk champions.2-star: Your next Shop reroll costs 1 gold less3-star: Gain 1 component.

Frequent Flier

After you reroll your shop 8 times, reroll only cost 1 gold.

Fully Adaptednew

Gain an Adaptive Helm. Champions holding this item gain both effects.

Gargantuan Resolve

Gain a Titan's Resolve. Your Titan's Resolves can continue stacking to 40 instead of 25.

Gift from the fallen

Your units gain 3% Attack Damage, 3 Ability Power, 3 Armor, and 3 Magic Resist. When one of your units dies, all your units gain these stats again.

Golden Ticket

Each time your Shop is rerolled, you have a 30% chance to gain a free reroll.

Good For Something IInew

Champions that aren't holding items have a 50% to drop 1 gold on death.

Harmacist II

Your team has 15% Omnivamp and convert 25% of excess healing to true damage on their next attack.(Omnivamp: healing for a percent of damage dealt)

Healing Orbs II

When an enemy dies, the nearest allied unit is healed for 450.

Heart throbsnew

Keep 20% of the Heartsteel hearts you convert into rewards. Your Heartsteel champions gain 200 Health. Gain a K'Sante and an Aphelios.

Heavy Hittersnew

Your units with at least 1500 max Health gain Attack Damage and Ability Power equal to 1% of their max Health.

Heroic Presencenew

Enemies that attack a Guardian's shield take magic damage equal to 7% of the shielded unit's max Health (up to once per second). Gain a Pantheon.

Heroic grab bagnew

Gain 2 Lesser Champion Duplicators and 2 gold.


Gain a Hand of Justice. Champions holding this item deal 12% increased damage.


Your team restores 20 Mana every 5 seconds.

Insert Coinnew

Your 8-Bit champions execute targets below @ExecuteThreshold*100@% Health. Executions have a 10% chance to drop 1 gold, increased by 2% for each high score achieved. Gain a Corki and a Garen.

Inspiring Epitaphnew

When a unit dies, the nearest ally gains a 30% max Health shield and 10% stacking Attack Speed.

Jeweled Lotus II

Your units' Abilities can critically strike. Your units gain 15% Critical Strike chance.

Keepers IInew

Combat start: units with adjacent allies gain a 220 Health shield for 8 seconds. This shield stacks.

Know Your Enemy

Your team deals 10% more damage. Deal 15% more damage instead if you and your opponent have any of the same traits active.

Last Stand

The first time you would be eliminated, you escape death and your team permanently gains 180 Health, 18 Armor and Magic Resist, and 18% Omnivamp.

Learning To Spellnew

Your team gains 10 bonus Ability Power, and permanently gains 1 Ability Power every 2 takedowns.

Little Buddiesnew

Your 4-cost and 5-cost champions gain 100 and 10% Attack Speed for each 1-cost and 2-cost champion on your field.

Live For Dangernew

Edgelords attacks deal 300% of their damage to enemies within 1 hexes of their target. Gain a Yasuo and a Kayle.

Long Distance Pals II

Combat start: Your two furthest champions form a bond, sharing 20% of their Armor, Magic Resist, Attack Damage, and Ability Power with each other.

Low Interest Ratesnew

Your max interest is capped at 2 gold but you gain 2 gold at the start of every player combat.

Lucky Streaknew

Gain a Gambler's Blade and a Magnetic Remover.

Magic Wand

Gain a Needlessly Large Rod. Your units gain 18% Ability Power.

Mana Burn

All enemies take 1% of their max Health as true damage each second until they cast their Ability. Gain a Shroud of Stillness.


Whenever one of your units dies, all allies heal for 9% of Maximum health

Metabolic Accelerator

Gain 2 player health after every player combat. Your Tactician also moves faster.

Metal Headsnew

Your Pentakill champions are immune to crowd control for the first 12 seconds of combat. They heal 4% of their max Health on takedown. Gain a Kayle and a Gnar.

Not Today

Gain an Edge of Night. Champions holding this item gain 35% Attack Speed.

Pandora's Items II

Round Start: items on your bench are randomized (excluding Tactician's Crown, Spatula, and consumables).Gain 1 random completed item.

Patient Study

After player combat, gain 2 XP if you won or 3 XP if you lost.

Portable Forge

Choose 1 of 2 Artifacts.

Portable Forge+

Choose 1 of 3 Artifacts.

Portable Forge++

Choose 1 of 4 Artifacts.

Pumping Up II

Your team gains 8% Attack Speed now. Each round after, they gain 1% more.

Raise the Temponew

When your Spellweavers cast their 2nd Ability each combat, they instantly cast it again at 50% effectiveness. Gain a Gragas and a Seraphine.

Ramping Rhythmnew

Rapidfire champions can gain Attack Speed from their trait up to 30 stacks. Gain a Jinx and a Senna.

Remember Your Rootsnew

Allies sharing a trait with your Headliner gain 200 Health and 10% Attack Speed.

Return on Investment

When you reroll your Shop 18 times, gain a Tactician's Crown.

Rich Get Richer

Gain 12 gold. Your max interest is increased to 7.

Rich Get Richer+

Gain 18 gold. Your max interest is increased to 7.

Salvage Bin

Gain 1 random completed item now, and 1 component after 7 player combats. Selling champions breaks apart their full items into components (excluding Tactician's Crown).

Salvage Bin+

Gain 1 random completed item now, and 1 component after 4 player combats. Selling champions breaks completed items into components (excluding Tactician's Crown).

Scape goatnew

Gain a Training Dummy and 2 gold. If it is the first to die each player combat, gain 1 gold.

Scrappy Inventions

Combat start: Up to 5 equipped components turn into completed items for the rest of combat. Gain a component at the start of the next 2 stages.

Share the Spotlightnew

Your units that start combat in a lighted hex gain a 30% max Health shield for 10 seconds. Gain a Kaisa and Lillia.

Shock Treatmentnew

Gain a Statikk Shiv. Your Stikk Shivs' chain lightning effect deals 40~125% more damage.

Sleight of Hand

Gain a Thief's Gloves. Champions holding this item gain 200 Health and 20% Attack Speed.

Spoils of War II

Enemies have a 30% chance to drop loot when killed.

Stars are Born

The first 1-cost and 2-cost champions you buy are instantly upgraded to 2-star. Gain 1 gold.

Stationary Support IInew

Gain 1 Training Dummy with 1 permanently attached Support item(s).

Submit To The Pitnew

For each adjacent enemy, Moshers gain 3 Armor, 3 Magic Resist, 3% Attack Damage, 3 Ability Power, and 3% Attack Speed. Gain a Jax and a Gnar.

Support Cachenew

Choose 1 of 4 Support items.

Teaming Up IInew

Gain 1 random Support item and 2 random 4-cost champions.

That's Jazz, Baby!new

Gain a Bard. Combat start: Jazz champions gain permanent bonuses based on the number of active traits.

The Ol' Razzle Dazzlenew

The damage over time effect from your Dazzlers lasts 2 seconds longer and deals 100% more damage. Gain a Nami and a Bard.

Three's Company

Gain 4 random 3-cost champions.

Three's a Crowd

Your team gains 85 Health for each unique 3-cost champion on your board.

Tons of Stats!

Your team gains 44 Health, 4% Attack Damage, 4 Ability Power, 4 Armor, 4 Magic Resist, 4% Attack Speed, and 4 Mana.

Too Big To Failnew

On death, Bruisers deal 30% of their max Health to enemies within 1 hex. After 20 seconds, expand the range to 2 hexes. Gain an Olaf and a Gragas.

Trade Sector

Gain a free Shop reroll every round. Gain 2 gold.

Twin Terror Inew

When you field exactly 2 copies of a champion, they both gain 250 Health, 25 Attack Speed, and 25 Critical Strike Chance. Anytime you 3-star, gain a 2-star copy.

Two Healthy

Your team gains 110 Health for each unique 2-cost champion on your board.

Unified Resistance II

If you have 3 or more champions in the same row at the start of combat, they all gain 25 Armor and Magic Resist.

Vampirism IInew

Your team gains 50 Health. Gain another 6 Health and 1% Omnivamp per 5 missing player health.(Omnivamp: healing for a percent of damage dealt)

What Doesn't Kill You

Gain 2 gold after losing a player combat. Gain a random component after every 4 losses.

You Have My Bow

Gain a Recurve Bow. Your units gain 12% Attack Speed.

You Have My Sword

Gain a B.F. Sword. Your units gain 15% Attack Damage.

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