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Binary Airdrop

Combat start: champions holding 2 items gain a random 3rd completed item.

Birthday Present

Gain a 2-star champion every time you level up. The champion's tier is your level minus 4 (min: Tier 1).

Blinding Speed

Gain a Red Buff and a Guinsoo's Rageblade, a Recurve bow, a Magnetic Remover.

Buried Treasures III

At the start of the next 6 rounds, gain a random item component.

Caretaker's Chosen

As you level, gain more powerful items.Level 4: Component AnvilLevel 6: Completed Item AnvilLevel 8: choose 1 of 5 Radiant items.

Cruel Pact

Buying XP costs 6 Health instead of 4 gold. Heal 3 player health before each player combat.

Cursed Crown

Gain +2 max team size, but take 100% more player damage when you lose a player combat.

Cybernetic Bulk III

Your champions holding an item gain 555 health.

Cybernetic Uplink III

Your champions holding an item gain 200 Health and restore 3.5 Mana per second.

Determined investorsnew

The first time you have 40 gold at the end of combat, gain Diamond Hands and 2 item component(s).This defensive item helps you gain more gold.

Endless Hordes

Gain +3 maximum team size, but your units can only hold 1 item and their total health is reduced by 15%. Gain 4 gold.

Final Ascension

Your team deals 15 more damage. After 15 seconds, they deal 45% more damage.

Final Reserves

The first time you would be eliminated, you instead remain alive. After this happens, gain 70 XP and set your gold to 50. Excess gold is converted to XP.

Going Longnew

You no longer gain interest. Round start: gain 4 XP.<rules>Interest is extra gold you gain per 10g saved.

Harmacist III

Your units heal for 25% of the damage they deal, and they convert 30% of excess healing to true damage on their next attack.

Hedge Fund

Gain 20 gold. Your max interest is increased to 10.

Hedge Fund+

Gain 30 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to 10.

Hedge Fund++

Gain 40 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to 10.


Create a clone of your Headliner champion with 100%-130% of its base health (based on stage level). You cannot equip items on the clone.

Impenetrable Bulwark

Gain a Bramble Vest, a Dragon's Claw, a Giant's Belt, and a Magnetic Remover.

Infernal Contract

Your max level is 7. Gain 75 Gold.

Jeweled Lotus III

Your units' Abilities can critically strike. Your units gain 40% Critical Strike chance.

Level Up!

When you buy XP, gain an additional 2. Gain 8 immediately.

Living Forge

Gain an Artifact anvil now and after every 10 player combats.

Lucky Gloves

Thief's Gloves will always give your champions ideal items. Gain 2 Sparring Gloves.

Lucky Gloves+

Thief's Gloves will always give your champions ideal items. Gain 3 Sparring Gloves.

March of Progress

Gain 3 XP now, and bonus XP equal to your level at the start of every player combat round. You can no longer use gold to level up.

New Recruit

Gain +1 max team size and a Champion Duplicator.

Overwhelming Force

Gain a Deathblade and an Infinity Edge, a BF Sword, and a Magnetic Remover.

Pandora's Items III

Round Start: items on your bench are randomized (excluding Tactician's Crown, Spatula, and consumables).Gain a random Radiant item.

Phreaky Friday

Gain an Infinity Force. After 5 player combats, gain another.

Phreaky Friday+

Gain an Infinity Force. After 3 player combats, gain another.

Prisimatic Ticket

Each time your Shop is rerolled, you have a 45% chance to gain a free reroll.

Pumping Up III

Your team gains 12% Attack Speed now. Each round after, they gain 2% more.

Radiant Relics

Choose 1 of 5 Radiant items. Gain a Magnetic Remover.

Roll The Dice

Gain a Rascal's Gloves item. This equips 2 random Radiant items every round.

Shopping Spree

Gain 1 gold per round. When you level up, gain a number of free shop refreshes equal to your level, which carry over between rounds.

Spoils of War III

Enemies have a 40% chance to drop loot when killed.

Starter Kit

Gain a 4-cost champion and a 2-star 1-cost champion that shares a trait with them.At the start of the next 2 stages, gain that 4-cost champion again.

Stationary Support IIInew

Gain 1 Training Dummy with 2 permanently attached Support item(s).

Talent Searchnew

All of your champions gain their unique Headliner effect. In Addition, your Headliner gains 100 Health and 10% Attack Speed.

The Golden Egg

Gain a golden egg that hatches in 11 turns for a huge amount of loot. Winning player combat speeds up the hatch timer by an extra turn.

Tiniest Titan

Gain 2 player health and 1 gold after every player combat. Your Tactician also moves faster.

Tiniest Titan+

Gain 2 player health and 1 gold after every player combat. Your Tactician also moves faster.Gain 8 gold now.

Twin Terror IInew

When you field exactly 2 copies of a champion, they both gain 350 Health, 35% Attack Speed, and 35% Critical Strike Chance. Anytime you 3-star, gain a 2-star copy.

Unleashed Arcana

Gain a Jeweled Gauntlet, a Rabadon's Deathcap, a Needlessly Large Rod, and a Magnetic Remover.

Wellness Trust

Round Start: Gain 3 gold. If you have at least 40 gold, heal 2 player Health.

What The Forge

Completed items you own (except Tactician's Crown and Emblems) are transformed into random Artifacts. Champions gain 110 Health per equipped Artifact.

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