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Ace Crown

Gain an Ace Emblem, a Runaan's Hurricane, and 2 gold.

A.D.M.I.N Crown

Gain an A.D.M.I.N. Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Camille.

Aegis Crown

Gain an Aegis Emblem, a Redemption, and an Alistar.

Ancient Archives II

Gain 2 Tome of Traits and 8 gold.

Anima Squad Crown

Gain an Anima Squad Emblem, Tear of the Goddess, and a Riven.

Band of Thieves II

Gain 2 Thief's Gloves.


Your units that start combat in the front 2 rows gain 35 Armor and 35 Ability Power.

Binary Airdrop

Your champions equipped with 2 items temporarily gain a random completed item at the start of combat. Gain 1 random item components.

Birthday Present

Gain a 2-star champion every time you level up. The champion's tier is your level minus 4 (min: Tier 1).

Brawler Crown

Gain a Brawler Emblem, Protector’s Vow, and a Riven.

Celestial Blessing III

Your units heal for 25% of the damage dealt by attacks and Abilities. Excess healing is converted to a shield up to 400 Health.

Civilian Crown

Gain a Civilian Emblem, a Guinsoo's Rageblade, and a Sivir.

Cruel Pact

Buying XP costs 6 Health instead of gold. But Heal 2 Health after a round.

Cursed Crown

Gain +2 maximum team size, but take 100% increased player damage.

Cybernetic Implants III

Your champions holding an item gain 200 Health and 30% Attack Damage.

Cybernetic Shell III

Your champions holding an item gain 200 Health and 60 Armor.

Cybernetic Uplink III

Your champions holding an item gain 200 Health and restore 3.5 Mana per second.

Defender Crown

Gain a Defender Emblem, a Protector's Vow, and a Riven.

Stand United III

Your units gain 3 Attack Damage and Ability Power per Trait active across your army.

Duelist Crown

Gain a Duelist Emblem, an Edge of Night, and a Nilah.

Electrocharge III

When your units receive critical strikes, they deal 115-235 (based on current Stage) magic damage to nearby enemies. (1 second cooldown).

Featherweights III

Your 1 and 2 cost units gain 50% Attack Speed and Move Speed.

Future Sight II

Know who you fight next. Gain a Radiant Zephyr.

Gadgeteen Crown

Gain a Gadgeteen Emblem, Negatron Cloak and an Annie.

Golden Ticket

Each time your Shop is refreshed, you have a 50% chance to gain a free refresh.

High Roller

Gain 3 Loaded Dice and 5 gold.

Hacker Crown

Gain a Hacker Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Leblanc.

Heart Crown

Gain a Heart Emblem, Guardbreaker, and a Sona.

High End Shopping

Champions appear in your Shop as if you were 1 level higher. Gain 3 gold.

Item Grab Bag II

Gain 2 random completed items and 2 Reforgers.

Knife's Edge III

Your units that start combat in the first 2 rows gain 55% Attack Damage.

LaserCorps Crown

Gain a LaserCorps Emblem, a Hand of Justice, and a Senna.

Living Forge

Gain a random Ornn item now and after every 10 player combats.

Lucky Gloves

Thief's Gloves will always give your champions items. Gain 2 Sparring Gloves.

Luden's Echo III

When your units cast and deal Ability damage, the first target hit and a nearby enemy take 90-210 (based on current Stage) magic damage.

Mascot Crown

Gain a Mascot Emblem, a Gargoyle Stoneplate, and an Malphite.

Level Up!

When you buy experience points, gain an additional 3. You can now reach level 10.

Mecha: PRIME Crown

Gain a Mecha: PRIME Emblem, Bloodthirster, and a Jax.

New Recruit

Gain +1 maximum team size.

Ox Force Crown

Gain an Ox Force Emblem, a Titan's Resolve, and an Alistar.

Prankster Crown

Gain a Prankster Emblem, Giant’s Belt, and a Zoe.

Preparation III

Champions on your bench permanently gain 50 Health, 7% Attack Damage and 7 Ability Power every round. Champions start with I stack of this effect, and can stack up to 4 times.

Radiant Relics

Open an Armory and choose 1 of 5 unique Radiant items.

Recon Crown

Gain a Recon Emblem, Recurve Bow, and a Ezreal.

Renegade Crown

Gain a Renegade Crown, a Bloodthirster, and a Camille.

March of Progress

Gain 5 bonus experience at the beginning of player combat rounds. You can no longer use gold to level up.

Spellslinger Crown

Gain a Spellslinger Emblem, Tear of the Goddess, and a Sona.

Star Guardian Crown

Gain a Star Guardian Emblem, a Chalice of Power and a Nilah.

Supers Soul

Your team counts as having 1 additional Super. Gain a Titan's Resolve and a Lee Sin.

Sureshot Crown

Gain a Sureshot Emblem, an Infinity Edge, and a Senna.

The Golden Egg

Gain a massive golden egg that hatches in 11 turns. If you won vs player, receive bonus turn.

Think Fast

Shop refreshes are free until the end of this round. Traits and other augments do not benefit from these free shops. Gain 3 gold.

Wise Spending

Gain 2 experience points when you refresh your Shop.

Built Different III

Your units with no Traits active gain 270-600 Health and 50-80% Attack Speed. (based on current Stage)

Tri Force III

Your Tier 3 champions gain 200 Health, 25 starting Mana, and 25% Attack Speed.

Double Trouble III

If you have exactly 2 copies of a champion on your board, they both gain 40% Attack Damage and 40 Ability Power, Armor, and Magic Resist. When you 3-star, gain a 2-star copy.

Underground Soul

Your team counts as having 1 additional Underground. Gain a Zz’Rot portal and an Ezreal.

Urf's Grab Bag II

Gain 1 Spatula and 3 random item components.

Verdant Veil

Your units are immune to crowd control effects for the first 20 seconds of combat. Gains 15% Attack Speed.


Gain 20 gold.


Gain 35 gold.


Gain 40 gold.

Woodland Charm

Your highest Health champion is cloned. Clones cannot hold items.