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  • Click [here] to check out the new patch notes!
  • Emotes: God King Faceoff, Evil Grin, Please Ruin Me, and more
  • Booms to celebrate your victories: Infernal Flock, Rune Surge, and Prismatic Smite
  • Star Shards to star-up your favorite Little Legends
  • LL Eggs: Magical Misfit Eggs, and more
  • Arenas: Sanctum of Order, Realm of Harmony, and Court of Chaos
  • Chaos Pengu and Chaos Sprite
  • Dowsie
  • Fenroar
  • Nimblefoot
  • Splash Town Choncc
  • Lifeguard Choncc
  • Sunkissed Choncc
  • When Reckoning goes live in your region with patch 11.9, you’ll be able to start climbing the ladder in this set's first Ranked stage. As a reminder, Grandmaster and Challenger are unlocked right out of the gates! Best of luck!
  • Everyone will start Reckoning in Iron II.
  • You will get 5 provisional matches after the reset, meaning you will not lose any LP for sub-top-4 placements in your first 5 ranked games of the new stage. You’ll also gain extra LP for finishing top-4, so best of luck!
  • Fates Ranked rewards will be given out on patch 11.10.
  • Players who reached Gold or higher at any point in the Fates set will receive the Victorious Protector to me-wow their opponents.
  • Players who managed to reach Gold or higher in both halves of the set will receive the Fates-themed Triumphant Protector as well! Nicely done.
  • Competitive play in Hyper Roll is going to work a bit differently. Everyone will start in Gray tier and progress throughout a Color system climaxing in Hyper Tier.
  • Shadow Components can appear in every carousel after the first one, as well as in the Armory
  • You only need one Shadow component to create a completed Shadow Item. The other component can be a normal one. Two shadow components also create a completed Shadow Item.
  • When used correctly, Shadow Items are more powerful than base items, but if used carelessly, they can cause your team more harm than good.
  • The Armory is a pop-up shop where you select an item from a couple of options as you would a champion. These items are free, but you can only take one per Armory. You can, and often should, pick up Shadow components here.
SYSTEMS - Unit Movement
  • Old: If a unit’s target moves out of their Attack Range, it will move 1 hex to attempt to get back in range, and then re-evaluate its target if still not in range
  • New to Reckoning: If a unit’s target moves out of their Attack Range, it will evaluate if moving 1 hex would put it back into range. If not, it will immediately re-evaluate its target.
  • Assassins now consistently jump first before other champions move at the start of combat.
SYSTEMS - Mana Generation
  • Old: 6% of damage taken pre-mitigation is gained as mana
  • New: 1% pre-mitigation and 7% post-mitigation damage taken is gained as mana
SYSTEMS - Ability and Item Conventions Update
  • Attack Range is now calculated in Hexes
  • Spell Power is renamed to Ability Power
  • Basic attacks are renamed to just “attacks”
  • All physical damage, from abilities or attacks, can now critically strike and be dodged
  • All Active Abilities (abilities that are not Passive, like Vayne’s Silver Bolts) can now be blocked by Trap Claw
  • Item icons have been updated
SYSTEMS - Shop Card Glow
  • If you own a copy of a champion, cards of the same champion will glow in your shops.
SYSTEMS - Shop Odds
  • Level 7: 22/35/30/12/1% ⇒ 19/35/30/15/1%
  • Level 8: 15/25/35/20/5% ⇒ 15/20/35/25/5%
SYSTEMS - Round Timers
  • Opening Carousel: Time To Gate Opening: 13 sec ⇒ 11 sec
  • Opening Carousel: Pick Time: 10 sec ⇒ 8 sec
  • Stage 1-2 Planning Phase: 12 sec ⇒ 6 sec
  • Stage 1-3 Planning Phase: 20 sec ⇒ 15 sec
  • PVE Rounds Arrival Time: 6 sec ⇒ 4 sec
  • All Carousels Pick Time: 8 sec ⇒ 6 sec
  • All Carousels Additional time for final picks: 5 sec ⇒ 3 sec
SYSTEMS - Carousel Odds
  • Stage 2 & 4 Carousel: One of all: 80% ⇒ 76%
  • Stage 2 & 4 Carousel: One of all + 1 Spat: 15% ⇒ 22%
  • Stage 2 & 4 Carousel: 3 Spats + Random Items: 5% ⇒ 2%
  • Stage 3 Carousel: One of all: 30% ⇒ 50%
  • Stage 3 Carousel: 9 Random Components: 50% ⇒ 33%
  • Stage 3 Carousel: One of all + 1 Spat: 15%
  • Stage 3 Carousel: 3 Spats + Random Items: 5% ⇒ 2%
SYSTEMS - Tiebreaker Update
  • The Player who won a round more recently in a situation where multiple players are eliminated with the same health and health prior to elimination will finish ahead of the other.
UPDATED ITEMS - Item Raw Stat Deflations
  • Spell Power ⇒ Ability Power
  • BF Sword Attack Damage: 15 ⇒ 10
  • Recurve Bow Attack Speed: 15% ⇒ 10%
  • Needlessly Large Rod Ability Power: 15 ⇒ 10
  • Chain Vest Armor: 25 ⇒ 20
  • Negatron Cloak Magic Resist: 25 ⇒ 20
  • Giant’s Belt Health: 200 ⇒ 150
  • Sparring Gloves Crit Chance: 10% ⇒ 5%
  • Some Completed items built from Sparring Gloves lost 5% Dodge instead
  • Infinity Edge did not lose 5% Crit because we want it to still grant 100% Crit Chance
UPDATED ITEMS - Updated Classic Items
  • The following items are now Unique (don’t stack them, it won’t work well): Trap Claw, Sunfire Cape, Guardian Angel, Frozen Heart
  • Bloodthirster NEW EFFECT: The first time the wearer would fall below 40% Health, they gain a shield equal to 30% maximum Health for 5 seconds. It still gives Lifesteal as well.
  • Dragon’s Claw REWORKED: Grants 200 bonus Magic Resist (including components)
  • Frozen Heart Attack Speed Slow: 50% ⇒ 35%
  • Frozen Heart Radius: 1 ⇒ 2 Hexes
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate Armor and Magic Resist per Enemy: 20 ⇒ 18
  • Hand of Justice Now grants +40 Attack Damage and Ability Power instead of +40% increased damage
  • Luden’s Echo ⇒ Archangel’s Staff
  • Archangel’s Staff (Luden’s Echo REPLACEMENT): Each time the wearer casts their spell, they gain Ability Power equal to 35% of their maximum Mana
  • Quicksilver Crowd Control Immunity shield duration: 10 ⇒ 12
  • Rapid Firecannon Bonus Attack Range: +200% ⇒ +1 Hex
  • Rapid Firecannon Attack Speed: 20% ⇒ 40%, a heavy compensation for losing some attack range.
  • Redemption REWORKED: The wearer radiates an aura to allies within 1 Hex, healing them for 25% of their missing Health every 5 seconds. Allies affected by the aura take 40% reduced damage from area-of-effect attacks.
  • Morellonomicon Healing Reduction: 75% ⇒ 50%
  • Runaan’s Hurricane Bolt Damage: 80% ⇒ 75% of Attack Damage
  • Spear of Shojin now grants Mana On Attack instead of On Hit, thereby removing its synergy with Hurricane.
  • Spear of Shojin Mana per on Attack: 5 ⇒ 8
  • Statikk Shiv can no longer crit
  • Statikk Shiv Magic Resist Shred: On Crit ⇒ On Hit
  • Statikk Shiv Magic Resist Shred: 60% ⇒ 70%
  • Statikk Shiv Magic Resist Shred: 6 ⇒ 5 seconds
  • Statikk Shiv Proc Damage is now 70
  • Titan’s Resolve stacks now increase Attack Damage and Ability Power by 2 instead of increasing damage by 2%
  • Zeke’s Herald Attack Speed: 30% ⇒ 25%
  • Zephyr now pierces CC immunity effects (ie: Quicksilver, Verdant)
  • Zz’Rot taunt now happens immediately. Taunt is an instant effect that no longer compels enemies that are taunted to chase the target for 1 second. Instead, enemies can retarget once if no longer in range.
  • Zz’Rot Health and Attack Damage now scale based on the current Stage (capping at Stage 5) rather than the Star Level of the wearer
  • Summoned Units (Abomination’s Monstrosity), will not spawn a voidspawn in 11.9, but will in future patches at a reduced capacity. This is a temporary fix to a balance issue that recently came up on PBE. This applies to both Zz’Rot and its Shadow counterpart.
  • Sacrificial Infinity Edge: Grants 75% Critical Strike Chance (including components). Each point of Critical Strike Chance above 100% becomes +1% Critical Strike Damage. The holder also gains 30% Critical Strike Damage. Each time the holder critically strikes, they deal 3% of their maximum Health to themselves as true damage. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (BF Sword and Sparring Gloves)
  • Dark Shroud of Stillness: When combat begins, the holder shoots a beam straight ahead and behind that delays affected enemies' and allies' first ability cast, increasing their maximum Mana by 65% until they cast. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (Chain Vest and Sparring Gloves)
  • Trickster's Gloves: At the beginning of each planning phase, the holder equips 2 temporary items. These are always full shadow items. [Consumes Three Item Slots] (Sparring Gloves and Sparring Gloves)
  • Vengeful Trap Claw: Blocks the first enemy ability that hits the holder, then teleports them to the ability's caster, and causes both units to start targeting each other. They deal 25% increased damage to each other. (Sparring Gloves and Giant’s Belt)
  • Caustic Quicksilver: The holder is immune to crowd control for the entirety of combat and receives -20% maximum Health. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (Sparring Gloves and Negatron Cloak)
  • Final Whisper: When the holder inflicts a critical hit, both the target's Armor and Magic Resist are reduced by 50% for 5 seconds. The holder's Armor and Magic Resist are also permanently reduced by 25%. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (Sparring Gloves and Recurve Bow)
  • Sacrificial Gauntlet: The holder's magic and true damage from their ability can critically strike. The holder gains +40% Critical Strike Damage and 20% Critical Strike Chance. After the holder casts their ability, they lose 15% of their maximum Health. (Sparring Gloves and Needlessly Large Rod)
  • Hand of Vengeance: At the beginning of combat, the holder gains both of the following: '+40 Attack Damage and +40 Ability Power' or 'Basic Attacks and abilities heal for 40% of damage dealt'. These bonuses expire after each takedown and renew on the next. (Sparring Gloves and Tear)
  • Spectral Spear of Shojin: The holder's attacks restore 14 Mana on-hit. The holder deals 20% less damage. (Tear and BF Sword)
  • Frozen Dark Heart: Reduces the Attack speed of all enemies within 2 hexes by 50%. The Attack Speed of allies (except the holder) within 1 hex(es) is reduced by 50%. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (Tear and Chain Vest)
  • Sacrificial Redemption: The holder radiates an aura to all allies on the board except themself, and heals them for 20% of their missing Health every 5 seconds. Each time this happens, the holder damages themself for 10% of their current Health as true damage. (Tear and Giant’s Belt)
  • Chalice of Malice: When combat begins, all of the holder's allies within 1 hex in the same row gain 45 Ability Power for the rest of combat. The holder loses 20 Ability Power instead of gaining any. (Tear and Negatron Cloak)
  • Statikk Stiletto: Every other attack from the holder unleashes chain lightning that strikes 4 enemies, dealing 70 magic damage and reducing their Magic Resist by 70% for 5 seconds. The holder receives -33% Attack Damage. (Tear and Recurve Bow)
  • Archdemon's Staff of Immortality: Each time the holder casts their ability, they gain empty maximum Health equal to 300% of their maximum Mana. The holder then heals for the Health that was gained from that ability cast. (Tear and Needlessly Large Rod)
  • Very Dark Blue Buff: After casting their ability, the holder gains 15 Mana. If the holder has less than 60% Health, this is increased to 50. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (Tear and Tear)
  • Hextech Gunblade of Immortality: The holder's magic and true damage from Abilities heals the nearest ally with missing Health for 60% of the damage dealt. This healing cannot affect the holder. (BF Sword and Needlessly Large Rod)
  • Locket of the Silver Lunari: When combat begins, the holder and all allies within 2 hexes in the same row gain 60 bonus Armor and Magic Resist, but gain 5 less Mana per attack. (Needlessly Large Rod and Chain Vest)
  • Mor-evil-lonomicon: When the holder deals magic damage with their ability, they burn the target, dealing 100% of the target's maximum Health as true damage over 25 seconds, and reducing healing by 50% for the duration of the burn. The holder’s ability deals 50% less damage. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (Needlessly Large Rod and Giant’s Belt)
  • Ionic Dark-Spark: Enemies and allies within 2 hexes are zapped when they cast an ability, taking magic damage scaling with their maximum Mana. Enemies take 200% of their maximum Mana, and allies take 100% of their maximum Mana. Whenever an ally or enemy is zapped, the holder gains 5 Ability Power for the rest of combat. (Needlessly Large Rod and Negatron Cloak)
  • Guinsoo's Sacrificial Rageblade: Attacks grant +9% bonus Attack Speed for the rest of combat. The bonus Attack Speed can stack any number of times. The holder is dealt 2.5% of their maximum Health as true damage each attack. (Needlessly Large Rod and Recurve Bow)
  • Rabadon's Caustic Deathcap: Grants 100 bonus Ability Power (including components) and -20% maximum Health (Needlessly Large Rod and Needlessly Large Rod)
  • Caustic Deathblade: Contributing to a kill grants the holder +15 Attack Damage for the rest of combat. This effect can stack any number of times (starting at 3). The holder receives -20% maximum Health. (BF Sword and BF Sword)
  • Fallen Guardian Angel: Prevents the holder's first death, placing them in stasis instead. After 2 seconds, they return with 80% Health and shed all negative effects. After this effect triggers, the holder's Attack Speed is reduced by 50% for the rest of combat. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (BF Sword and Chain Vest)
  • Zeke's Bleak Herald: When combat begins, the holder reduces the Attack Speed of all allies within 1 hex in the same row by -25%. The holder gains +40% Attack Speed for each affected ally. (BF Sword and Giant’s Belt)
  • Riskthirster: Physical damage heals the holder for 40% of the damage dealt. Each time the holder heals to 90% Health, they gain 30% Attack Speed for 3 seconds (does not stack). The holder takes 33% of their maximum Health in true damage at the beginning of combat. (BF Sword and Negatron Cloak)
  • Evil Giant Slayer: The holder's Abilities and attacks do 50% bonus damage. If the target has less than 1100 maximum Health, the holder's Abilities and attacks do 15% decreased damage instead. (BF Sword and Recurve Bow)
  • Titan's Revenge: Every 3 seconds, the holder's next basic attack deals 25% of the total damage they have taken since the last empowered attack as true damage. (Recurve Bow and Chain Vest)
  • Unstable Zz'Rot Portal: When the holder dies, a Construct arises to continue the fight. When it dies it deals 600 true damage to enemies within one hex. (Giant’s Belt and Recurve Bow)
  • Runaan's Untamed Hurricane: The holder's attacks fire bolts at 2 nearby enemies, dealing 50% of the holder's Attack Damage. These bolts can critically strike but do not apply on-hit effects. (Recurve Bow and Negatron Cloak)
  • Eclipse Cape: Every 1.5 seconds, a random enemy within 3 hexes is burned for 25% of their maximum Health over 10 seconds. Any healing they receive is reduced by 50%. The holder is burned for 4% of their maximum Health every second and any healing they receive is reduced by 50%. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (Giant’s Belt and Chain Vest)
  • Warmog's Sacrificial Armor: Grants 1800 bonus Health (including components). The holder takes 100 true damage each second. (Giant’s Belt and Giant’s Belt)
  • Turbulent Zephyr: When combat begins, the holder summons a whirlwind on the opposite side of the arena that removes the closest enemy from combat for 8 seconds. Once the enemy returns to combat, they gain 30 Attack Damage and 30 Ability Power for the rest of combat. Ignores CC immunity. [Unique - Only One Per Champion] (Giant’s Belt and Negatron Cloak)
  • Gargoyle Stoneplate of Immortality: The holder heals themself for 45 Health every 2 seconds for each unit targeting them. (Negatron Cloak and Chain Vest)
  • Refracted Bramble Vest: Grants 200 bonus Armor (including components). (Chain Vest and Chain Vest)
  • Refracted Dragon's Claw: Reduces incoming magic damage by 15%. Negates bonus damage from incoming critical hits. (Negatron Cloak and Negatron Cloak)
  • Rapid Deathcannon: Increases the holder's Attack Range by 1 hex. Additionally, the holder gains +40% bonus Attack Speed when there are no enemies within a 2 hex radius. The holder's attacks can no longer miss. (Recurve Bow and Recurve Bow)
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